Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unexpected Interlude

Friday afternoon my cleaning lady and I were discussing when I'd have to abandon my computer chair so she could vacuum up the big rolls of cat fur that my rubber-soled shoes scuff up on the wool carpet under me when the phone rang.

Daughter calling, unusual during the work day. "What are you doing this weekend, Mama?"

I clicked on my calendar. "Nothing specific Saturday or Sunday."

She had a property to investigate halfway between my little town and Fresno, which she recently moved to, and wondered if she could continue on up after work to spend a couple of nights. Perfect. The house would be clean and straightened. There was nothing I specifically had to get done on the weekend. Come ahead. Her first trip up here since she moved close by, in fact, first since Christmas, 2010.

We gave Brother-in-Law, who was batching it until Sunday, a call and we all went out for a bite to eat.

Daughter and I proposed plans for the weekend. She was eager for some exercise on Saturday to shake out muscles stiff from sedentary work and I told her I'd heard there was good wildflower viewing out on a nature reserve, but didn't know whether the rain a couple of days earlier had flattened them. We decided we'd also load my pickup with the bags of recyclables that were stacked high in my garage, and take them to the refuse haulers recycle collection area.

That's when the spookiest thing happened. In this post last Monday, I included a shot of me, wearing my new cap that I'd bought in Yosemite to replace the cap that went missing on the trip to my son's house over Christmas. That had been a Yosemite cap as well, with little YNPs (Yosemite National Park) embroidered all over it. I know I was using it en route. It was my car hat at the time and I was driving into the sun during the afternoon and wore it to shield my eyes. I could not find it as I headed for home. L   I've sent a note or two to my son asking him to look around. My theory was that the grandson and his friend, who'd unloaded my car full of Christmas stuff and more, might have knocked it inadvertently out into the grass. No response.

So yesterday, when I went to put my backpack into the back seat of the truck, that's TRUCK, not car, there was the YNP cap on the back seat. Shriek!

The battery charger for my camera is still missing. I wonder where it will turn up, once the replacement charger arrives?

It was my first time to go there, and we discovered that my mixed recyclables in bags had to be separated into categories to be tossed into different bins, no plastic bags allowed. Don't be disappointed that I have no photos from this activity. The recycle venue lacked the bonus scenic treats that my fine trip to the dump/landfill had included.

On the way home from the recycle site to leave off the truck and pick up a car, we stopped to see progress on BIL's Grand Garage. Actually, except for the paving on the driveways, the Grand Garage is finished. There is a "minor" sub-project underway, making a deck extension that will restore access across a "moat" created by the new parking pad. It will be strong enough to support their hot tub, which they'll move to the mountains from their city abode. (See photo by Sister at the end of the "walk" photos of decking progress.)

It was well after lunch time. Daughter was starving. The warmest part of the day was upon us. We scrapped the search for wildflowers and went for Plan B: We would head for a Spring Festival being held in Sonora, CA that daughter had read about in the paper. We'd walk around looking at crafty stuff instead of flowers. We got lunch at the Mexican restaurant in my little town. Daughter had been leery. She'd lived for years in Tucson with its large Hispanic population, and now in Fresno, around the corner from a place specializing in seafood, Mexican-style. She vacations often in Mexico as well, all of these forming her idea of "authentic." What kind of Mexican food would my little mountain town ever come up with?

Darned good! She could tell from the first dip of the homemade salsa.

We had a good tour of downtown Sonora on a balmy afternoon.

Overview - Looking down Washington Street.
I contemplated standing in the middle of the street
to take the photo, but thought better of it.

Spring blossoms

 Yosemite House


This house was first used by Fred Freund, cabinet maker, upholsterer,
undertaker in 1858. Prior to the 90's, it was known as the Yosemite Hotel -
later changed to the Yo-Semite House. It has been a hotel,
hardware store, general store and restored in 1973.
Dedicated by Matuca Chapter
E Clampus Vitus
July 17, 1976

Steep hills in this town!

Oh, hullo! This guy was standing behind me while I was taking a picture in 
the other direction. I took his picture, flashed a smile and a thumbs up and
went on my way. Hey, dude, if you see yourself here, leave a comment!

Rother's Corner. Fire Museum & Senior Lounge
There's what looks like a horse-pulled fire truck inside
the window, hard to see with the sun's reflection.

Here's a more recent fire truck.

"The Red Church," St. James Episcopal Church

Tall skinny dogwood tree

More red in the neighborhood


Tranquil lunch spot

Superior Court of California
County of Tuolumne

With handy information right across the street

We stopped in a shoestore to try on some shoes. I saw CUTE sneakers, even cute in my size, except that my left foot is a half size larger than my right foot and they didn't seem to want to split up two pairs of shoes for me. He did order me a longer, narrower shoe to try on, in another style.

Daughter tried on a few shoes as well, but her size wasn't in her color or vice versa.

The tower of the original County building,
glimpsed from a couple of blocks away

Town crier

A "veil" of purple flowers overhanging a stream

Sunny stream side luncheon venue

The festival is over and we head for our car.

We took a "bucolic" ride home (so funny that Daughter described the country road thus, as I had described in a trip earlier this week), picked up a take-and-bake pizza on our way home, and settled in to watch The Descendants.

Daughter wanted to hit the road early today, going back to Fresno via Yosemite Valley. She got held up awhile. I gave her my bicycle (do I really think I'll put it in my car and go riding somewhere???) and helmet and she did something to her back while stuffing the bike into the car. She spent time waiting for ibuprofen to work and trying to stretch out and massage the problem area.

She called me when she arrived home, excited to discover how very near to Yosemite she herself lives. She stopped for a short hike in Yosemite Valley to help work the kinks out some more (what she wanted to do in the first place yesterday) and feels better.

It was nice, realizing we can get together so easily now, that it's not a day long air trip or a two day drive each way to Tucson. Welcome back to California, Sweety.

This is Sister's photo of the deck extension,
necessitated by the Grand Garage.

See you soon.



  1. Wow - Lee - what a nice interlude indeed. Sonora looks beautiful and living near Yosemite must offer many opportunities to sightsee and hike. I'm sure you enjoyed having your daughter come for a visit. Sounds like you guys had fun.

    1. Make sure that when you come to my neighborhood, you consult my travel schedule so I can see you!

  2. I'm glad you got to see your daughter Lee, sounds like you both had a great time!

    1. It was fun. Thanks for stopping by. You know, your pictures around La Defense have inspired me to go there and look around next time in Paris (should be September).

  3. Sorry I missed seeing daughter and doing the Sonora shopping thing. Linda and I had planned to do that,,,,,but doubtful now for this coming up trip. Interestingly (?) Guess we will have to do it (again for you) sometime when we have an errand down there..
    BIL also hurt his back lifting our bikes into the truck when he brought it up to the Mountain House/super car barn.
    Love all the pictures, you found some neat places that we never stop to look at.

    1. Daughter had been scolding me about my, um, shortcomings in the exercise area and staying fit to maintain health, so then she had to 'fess up that she's not doing as well as she should, either. I guess there's some kind of twisty action getting a bike into a car that makes you not think just what you're doing (like me and tripping).

      Gosh, now I can't bike ride with you guys. Are you planning to pedal around the neighborhood? ;-)

  4. My favorite photo is the Rother's Corner Fire Museum. If you look at it a certain way, the face of the building looks very happy :-)

  5. Hello Mama! So fun and yes great to know we are but a short jaunt via no less than Yosemite valley, gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing our visit. Next time photo of us two. Hugs!

  6. Gorgeous pictures Lee! I've never been to Sonora. It looks so quaint and charming with those nice old buildings. I especially love the historical fire truck. Very nice. Sounds like you made the most of your time with your daughter :)
    Ashley (backyardprovence)

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