Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursdays Out . . . Lost

A good solid rainy day didn't slow down our NeedleCrafts ladies at all on our Thursday Out.  A good crew turned out in the next room for Chair Exercises as well. A couple of us got to visit that group when we went to reclaim our card tables. Several tables had somehow migrated to the exercise room from the table storage spot. Where, they asked, are our usual tables? We didn't know. We compromised and took one, leaving two behind. We had three, the bare minimum for the number of people who showed up with knitting and crocheting projects.

I took some nice pictures of completed projects and underway projects, and someone took my camera from me to take my picture with my quilt block project. I had on a particularly nice shirt. This last photo has to be the reason for the ensuing disaster.

The problem didn't manifest itself until late in the evening when I went to download the photos and write this blog. I'd taken additional photos of raindrops on iris petals when I got home that I intended to include along with the crafts project pictures. I normally download all the most recent photos each evening for use with whatever I have to say about daily living, or to save for another day, another project. My camera stores photos on the memory card in monthly folders, while retaining continuous sequential numbering of all the photos.

When I looked at the April folder last night to download Thursday's photos, I was greeted with a black screen with the message "Folder is empty." No Thursday, no April. Not only that, photo files in some of the other folders on the card had "Unable to read this file," in place of a picture.

Well, my reaction, of course, was that this is catastrophic. Blog titles and substitute photos streamed through my mind. Explosions. Planes crashing. Cars crumpled. "Thursdays Out Exploded." "Thursdays Out Ruined." "Thursdays Out Crashes." A destroyed day, nothing to write about! Woe is me!

Was my camera sick? Was it the card? Did a cat tiptoe across the keyboard and Select All and Delete? And and and.  I tried different graphics programs. I tried a different computer. I tried the card reader in my printer. The same errors showed up in the same places, so it must be the card.

I went online to see what is offered for recovering corrupted photo files. The top ad really appealed: something about recovering all corrupt files starting at $350. Let's see. I probably lost eight photos that hadn't been backed up. I think not.

I remembered reading in the mists of history that it's a good thing to format your SD card from time to time to freshen it up. This card has had over 5000 photos flow on and off of it since it first went into the camera. Maybe it's just time. Panic subsided. A journey that goes exactly according to plan yadda yadda . . .

I am a little nervous. Is it really fixed? Can I trust an important trip to it? I've recreated the iris photos as a test, although the rain drops are not as fresh, and I do have time for more testing before the next important trip. Starting over with IMG_0001 and a four-day April. Furthermore, when I ordered a replacement battery charger for the camera a couple of days ago, I also ordered another SD card to make my free shipping minimum. I'm pretty sure the arrival of a new charger will cause the old one to reveal itself.

This is just too funny to resist. It comes from
but I saw it posted on Facebook by Grammarly, where
grammarians tore apart debated the grammar in the panels.

The Oregon Grape, dusted with pine pollen
See you soon.


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  1. My SD card died with all my pictures from the Loire Valley. Our friends had taken us out for the day to show us around. While driving away from their home, my card said something like "error". I never retrieved the pictures, although husband spent many hours trying to retrieve them. Guess we will have to go back to the Loire Valley to get new pictures. Carry a spare SD card and do some pictures on that card- swap around a bit.