Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Invitation to the DMV

This reminder of National Library Week (April 8 - April 14, 2012) arrived a little late on my Facebook newsfeed. It's still a good message, so I shared it.

Also arriving this week was an "invitation."

No. Not that one. The Department of Motor Vehicles tells me that my California Driver License will expire on my upcoming birthday, so I must present myself into their hands with expiring license to take a written test, have my picture taken (I like the current one ... can they be persuaded?) and be thumb printed (that hasn't changed either). I'll be in GENEVA on my birthday and would not care to show up there with an invalid secondary form of identification.

Phone-hater that I am, I set up an appointment through the online reservation system for this next Friday. I haven't read the rules in many years. It told me online that I can drop by my closest DMV to pick up the booklet, or download a copy. My closest DMV is not close, so I downloaded, intending to read it on the computer. Something over 100 pages. Yikes!

Ultimately I decided to print it so I could haul it around to read it in the odd moments. I took a chance that choosing the "booklet" setting would print four pages per sheet of paper and come out with the pages in proper sequence in the folded booklet. It did! A stack of 27 sheets of paper.

Luckily, within the past few weeks, I ran across a box in an obscure corner with my Long-Reach Stapler. I bought it with Staples Rewards (appropriate, huh?) because I would never have purchased it without that "free money." Another miracle is that I remembered where I'd seen it. It is indeed quite a handy device for stapling down the middle of an 11" piece of paper. I only notice now that, according to specs, it staples up to 20 sheets of paper. No wonder I had to lean on it so hard to get it through 27 sheets.

So, National Library Week, my reading material for the week is The California Driver Handbook. It is not a page-turner. I hope I can finish before Friday.

Practically too fat to fold

Now I better get to reading.

See you soon.



  1. Get stepping! =) I'm sure you'll do fine!

  2. I know first hand your skill at driving - (who could forget the near hijacking you avoided) - so those DMV officials may as well save themselves some time and just issue a new license for you!