Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“Don’t go showing this to your friends.

“In fact, don’t even look at it yourself.”

He holds up a mirror. “I’ll show it to you now, so you won’t keep trying to look at it.”

I open my mouth and his assistant gently pulls my lip back so I can see.

“I don’t think my friends will be clamoring for a view,” I tell him after my lip is released.

He, the dentist, has screwed a titanium post into the bone graft that filled in the hole from my extracted tooth. There’s a little bead on the top which will show through and preserve a space in the skin for the crown that will top off my tooth implant when we’re all done. Meanwhile, “You mustn’t do anything that will pull loose the stitches that are holding the skin in place. No drinking with a straw, no brushing the adjacent teeth, eat soft stuff for a few days.”

“Okay.” So no looky-loo questions, people. It looked pretty ugly from what I saw anyway.

He's a cool guy. He sang along softly with rock tunes on the office sound system while he worked. I could have gone for a harder rock vibe, but we keep the guy happy who is drilling within fine tolerances toward a nerve. He laid out some difficulties we might encounter if . . . some very real possibilities. But it all went as planned and hoped.

I did a bunch of shopping “in the city” in advance of the appointment so I could rush home and take ibuprofen and pretend that this was too traumatic to be able to blog last night. Mainly, I’ve been disheartened by the internet problem. I get a long post prepared, and then it times out, so to speak, before I can post it. I start over with something else for next time and wonder whether anything can be salvaged from the work I did before. 

Holy cow (euphemism for WTF)!  NEWS BULLETIN. A dairy cow in Central California has been diagnosed with mad cow disease (aka BSE). That's almost my neighborhood. I’m sure CNN will have updated you by the time this post ever hits the internet.

This was my third trip to the little city down the hill in four days. It has been something of a shopping marathon, planning for acquisitions between the necessary errands I had to go for. Friday for the DMV, Sunday for the theatre (plug to follow in a separate blog), Monday for the dentist. My car is still full of several things I deemed too heavy to lift post-surgically. J I’ve also left a lot of things in custody of my credit card company (my debts for this stuff and extra gasoline purchases).

1.      44 lbs. of dry cat food, and my ferals are now among the missing, since I scared Boots in trying to capture her for a little trip to the vet to cut short her kitten-bearing years. There’s also some evidence that another scary episode took place on the deck near the cat-feeding area. Maybe from the dog next door, which charges across the deck every time she’s out (often), in hopes of catching a cat?
2.      117 lbs. of cat litter (piled that one on to take advantage of some time-limited coupons)
3.      A 24-can carton of wet cat food, to disguise Chloe’s medication
4.      2 X 36 Sweet & Salty Peanut Granola Bars
5.      Coffee, 2 lb. bag ground fine. Have you ever tried to get all the coffee back into a tall two-pound bag from the coffee grinding machine? Creamer. Grape Nuts. This is a mini-Costco type store, so items come in bulk.
6.      At least 25 containers of yogurt
7.      6 printer cartridges, for my current wireless printer and to restock an old printer I'd like to sell. (Not wireless.)
8.      A hard-to-find calcium combo
9.      A really hard-to-find container to carry my daily allotment of pills. I left or lost the smallest-possible-Tupperware container I’d used for years somewhere in the Ahwahnee Hotel. My guidelines are strict, i.e., big enough to hold the daily supply but not so big as to be bulky, and easy to remove pills at various times of day. For starters, no one seems to have any little pill-sorting containers or even little travel containers anymore. I finally spotted some small bottles of pills at Wal-Mart, different things, all 88¢. I got the sublingual B-12, 30-count, which I tossed into an existing bottle of B-12 and commandeered the little bottle for my dailies. I couldn’t have bought a purpose-made one any cheaper.
10.   Cottonelle wipes refill. No go. Lowered my expectations to any Cottonelle wipes. Still no go. Any wipes??? Again at Wal-Mart, I found knockoff refills.
11.   Looked at shoes. Looking for cute Nikes, or anything comfortable and cute. I saw cute, then I looked at them in my size. Not cute. My feet are narrow and my ankles are skinny, so shoes-to-fit look like they extend a mile in front of me. Goofy.
For what I spent on cats and cartridges I could have taken a trip or two on Southwest. And I’m not completely done shopping yet.

We’d had our week of warming weather, then started a gradual cool-down. Rain is within the realm of possibility. Yesterday there was a big buildup of thunderheads over the mountains. I couldn’t get a place to stop to take their picture until this traffic light.

When I left home the western skies were clear, but when I arrived at the dentist, they were showing these little pufferbillies.

Beautiful day that it was, I chose to go home via bucolic back roads. There were some great vistas of really towering thunderheads, but without sufficient distances from curves to stop for pictures. Most of these were taken on-the-fly.

I swoop into my town and take some pics of new paint jobs in downtown.

French’s mustard

Ketchup red

More mustard, and the mustard car
fortuitously drove up just as I shot the picture
Still big thunderheads to the east
I decide to go to the airport, where perhaps there aren’t as many obstructions and power polls and lines to mess with the clear view.

Well, there is this big light fixture sticking up
right in the middle of my view.

And the occasional aircraft and hangers are there, too.

Still watching for weather.

See you soon.


  1. Good grief sounds like a day of ordeals! I hope you are feeling up to yourself again soon :) That was a might large lists of stuff you bought. I think that even out did me when all my 4 kids were still at home! The pictures are wonderful. The area looks so nice and tranquil.
    Ashley (backyardprovence)

    1. I've been reveling in skies and greenness this week. "Green" is a short season in California. My Mom always put a nice spin on the dry summer countryside, referring to the beautiful palomino hills.

  2. These are ideal surroundings Lee. Some of your pictures look they belong on postcards.

    I heard about the mad cow diagnosis too. Yikes! But it was a dairy cow and not a beef cow - right? Scary stuff.

    1. Yes, she was a dairy cow. We're assured there is no way she would have entered our food chain. However, from what I understand, she did not "catch" her mad cow disease, but it developed spontaneously somehow. It brings up questions of whether the sampling in current testing is sufficient to catch other cases. This was almost by chance.