Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Color Spots, Merchandise and the Bus Circuit

This was the first thing I saw when I got up and looked out the window this morning. Only this time, it was not my own backyard, but the backyard of our room at Yosemite Lodge.

The phone had blared next to my ear, waking me suddenly, and Sister jumped to answer. It seems it was 8:30 and the Sisters-in-Law in the next room were ready to head out for breakfast. Sister had been awake, reading and drinking coffee, but I'd slept through it all, much as she'd slept through my night-owl habits last evening.  She sent the SILs off, to be joined by us once we were up and about.

They had finished eating by the time we arrived at the Food Court, but sat with us while we caught up meal-wise. There were whopping big crowds at all of the food stations, so we grabbed chocolate croissants and more coffee. Then I was seduced by a grape-garnished half a grapefruit. I used to eat  a half grapefruit every morning for years, until forbidden by one medication or another due to drug interaction with grapefruit. (I just Googled "drug grapefruit interactions" and there are dozens of high-powered websites devoted to the topic. I'll read up on it tomorrow if I'm still surviving this morning's trespass.) The Food Court gets some of the best croissants I've ever had in the US, and that half grapefruit was the most sinfully succulent grapefruit I've ever eaten. Eve's apple couldn't beat it.

The only previously planned event for today was to have Nephew and Nephew's Girl Friend join the ladies for supper at the Food Court this evening, so we had a day to plan.  The SILs are great walkers. Sister and I aspire to a better level of fitness, at some challenge to our aches and pains. We decided on a morning walk from Yosemite Lodge to Yosemite Village, taking a meandering path.

Sister and I on the footbridge over the stream from Yosemite Falls.

A huge tree, undermined by the stream, has fallen close to the bridge.

Sister and the SILs walk up a different path than
our usual route. We'll see where we come out.

SIL-T points out rocky needles that climbers seem to think are fun to climb.

This is, after all, a shopping trip. After a store remodel, the vegetables again are nicely displayed, and even the bottled and packaged goods are so colorful.

We go into Degnan's Deli for lunch.

Two-day old Easter eggs, anyone?

Luscious-looking fresh loaves of bread

Are they all together, or has there been a bike wreck? Or what?

Sister and I return to our digs at Yosemite Lodge on the Valley shuttle bus, while the Sisters-in-Law walk back. We beat them by a small margin. We agree to meet again for tea at 4 in the Food Court, which leaves us with a bit over an hour to fill before the kids arrive for dinner. We decide on taking a complete circle tour on the shuttle bus, which will run just about that hour. It takes us past the main population centers for housing and shopping, and the trail heads for several of Yosemite's natural wonders (a small number, to be sure).

Sister's photos from the moving bus came out pretty well, as she was by the window. I mainly sampled some of the bus-riding visitors.

A view from the rear

Waiting for the bus
Gaggles of hikers do the last leg on wheels.

A dad with baby anxiously tries to figure out his stop.

 Perfect timing. The kids are there, we are there, we have a filling dinner (loved my split pea soup, cornbread, and two flavors of cake shared with Sister), and afterward we entertain the ladies in our room with chatter, crocheting, and looking up and comparing various weather forecasts for our tomorrow, which promise us everything from rain and thunder to snow. We shall see.

See you soon.



  1. These are great pictures Lee, so colorful! Looks like you are having a good time strolling (and riding) around Yosemite. I simply must get out there myself!

  2. I have never been to Yosemite, but always wanted to go. Can you believe it? An American whose never been there! I swear I must be the only one. It sure sounds like you had a full day's outings. I'm loving that you had a chocolate croissant and coffee for breakfast. That my girl, do it right or don't do it at all!

    1. Hi Ashley,
      You'd be shocked at how many Americans say "Where?" or "What's that?" when I say I live near Yosemite. The French seem to know, as long as I pronounce it in French.