Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A little bit of spring . . . the tulip next door

I've got a couple of whoopees to celebrate today.

Sunday evening I pressed "send" for my federal taxes, printed my copy and all the state tax forms to mail, and abandoned the aftermath on the floor to kick back in the recliner and actually watch, rather than just listen, to the TV.

Doesn't look as bad in the picture as it seemed in person.

Jean-Luc curled up in my lap, and since he's so seldom not racing around terrorizing the other cats, who was I to disturb him? He snoozed, I snoozed. The papers on the floor could wait until Monday.

First thing Monday morning I got an email that the IRS had accepted my submission. I’m not sure whether I cheated myself or not. There are some mysterious entries on some of my 1099s about maybe I could deduct this or that and I don’t know whether the amounts were included on the summary pages. One of these days when my brain isn’t feeling fried, I might take another look.

Today I had a follow-up with my tooth implant dentist. Last month the socket, where the tooth had been extracted and bone graft material added, flunked inspection for healing. It wasn’t ready for the next step. Furthermore, the hygienist wasn’t able to get x-ray film in my mouth to get a shot of where the root tip had been. I can’t open very wide.

Today the dentist assured me he’d get the film in – and he did. (That’s why he’s the boss.) He examined and poked and probed and declared my empty space ready for the implant placement. As I said, whoopee! Our first mutually available date when we will both be in town for two weeks’ after the implant, just in case, is April 23.

It will be about three months after the implant placement is made, depending on my rate of healing, that I can get the final crown installed.
It will be somewhat like this, except that I don’t have any natural root left.
I will be sooo happy to have one side of the mouth to chew with again and then I hope to pursue at least one other implant on the other side where I ignored the gap from an extraction several years ago. It hadn’t bothered me until a critical molar was missing from both sides. It will be a more difficult case, as the bone has receded and a more extensive graft is needed. (And my dentist doesn’t do general anesthetic.)

The upside of not being able to chew is weight-loss with little effort.

It is Tuesday, and that’s also French class night.

I took my chance after the dentist to drop by my car dealer for a check-up and oil change without appointment. I can never get an afternoon appointment – I think they like to schedule service starting from the morning forward. In luck! I think they closed up around me but I avoided another expensive trip down the hill to the city.

Last time I came down for class I tried to study in Starbucks while munching on a sandwich and swilling my triple nonfat grande latté. (Healthy all the way!) But the buzz of conversation distracts me, so this evening I ate and read in the car and noticed that this copper awning on a contemporary building is greening nicely like the old goldrush era buildings in town.

Our French class venue – the community room at the Blood Bank.

Raindrops and reflections

It rained all evening and all the way home. It’s fine on the highway where the centerline is reflective paint and studded with reflectors, but scary on the winding roads up into the mountains where the lines fade out in the blackness of the night.

See you soon.



  1. Taxes done before April? You go girl!

    1. The overpaid-last-year-so-don't-owe-anything-in-April part had a lot to do with it. It would be sitting in the Outbox until April 15 otherwise.

  2. No wonder you don't sleep until all hours- a triple latte late in the afternoon.

  3. Whoopee indeed! Taxes done, flowers blooming, tooth near completion - celebrate!