Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursdays Out . . . Memories

Plans have altered, that is to say, what I planned to write tonight fizzled. A photo of an exquisite blue flower I took this afternoon -- one I wanted to uses as the lead -- is out of focus. I'd been afraid of that when I took it, but I'll try again tomorrow. It set me off on another path. Snippets of things past have been poking up in my memory at odd times this week.

The neighbor's tulip has new companions
Sister and Brother-in-Law came back up the hill last night to their Mountain House after some time away, including a trip to Southern California. Sister came to NeedleCrafts today and we did some catching up. Tuesday had been the 4th anniversary of our Mama's death. Sister took her flowers -- tulips -- in the rain. Mama and Papa's ashes rest together in the memorial wall of the church they attended in the Bay Area for many years. It was impossible to imagine life without Mama, yet we the world had her for almost 96 years.



I had a dream this week, at least I think it was a dream. I saw myself, as if in a mirror, ¾ profile. A young self, with silky dark hair flowing almost to my waist, my bangs with a slight flip. My second husband, Cody, who died twelve years ago, was reclining on something, watching me, smiling.

Cody's and my wedding
He liked my hair long. I liked it long at certain times in my life, but it was heavy hair, and in later years, plagued with migraines, I felt the hair weighed me down, made my head hurt worse, and it became a contentious issue with him when I got it cut, I so went through that whole growing-it-out thing again.

Cody and I having fun when we were younger

I heard yesterday of Earl Scruggs' passing, my first husband Carl's favorite musician. Hard to believe Carl died 38 years ago. He created a major collection of bluegrass on reel-to-reel tapes on his (then) state-of-the-art Ampex and built one of the two big J.B. Lansing speakers I still own. I guess the Heathkit amp and pre-amp found new homes years ago.

Carl's and my wedding

Carl and his Baby Daughter

This cluster of events put me into nostalgia mode.

It's the good things I remember.

See you soon.



  1. Not sure how I missed this one until tonight..great memories of wonderful people, but also brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Indeed a bit of a tear-jerker, but remembered sweetly.