Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seeking Wild Winter Weather

When I looked at those two Excedrin in my hand yesterday morning before popping them into my mouth, I had that flicker of unease. One per morning is my usual waker-upper that takes the edge off my morning aches and pains and turns me into a happy camper.

While I was fasting last Friday night for taking my bone pill Saturday a.m., a migraine began to sneak into my skull. Knock-on-wood, that malady that used to disable me completely for many days per month, hits rarely these days and can be staunched with an Excedrin Migraine instead of heavy duty meds. Since the pain got a good head start by the time the fast and pill-taking was over, I went for two Excedrin and probably doubled up Sunday and Monday mornings as well.

I have a little cold and began sneezing and blowing my nose last night, and as I was about to put together a quick blog, my aspirin-thinned blood presented me with the longest nosebleed ever.  Exactly what that morning's unease had signaled to me. I may not like living with a cranky morning camper for the next few days while someone avoids her aspirin.

So back to the blog topic. We've had hardly any rain this winter. We haven't had any snow that stuck around. For a week, we've been warned that a big series of rain storms is coming our way. Monday I walked, and photographed bare-branched trees silhouetted against beautiful skies.

Well, this one is in bloom.

The small amount of rain has greened up this area.

Is that mistletoe in that tree?

So yesterday morning I began a little campaign to bring some winter weather by changing my Facebook "cover" photo to this nice snowy vista of wishful thinking. Conjuring winter weather. It's not too late. A few years ago there was the "March Miracle," when the drought was broken by record rainfalls. Last year we had snow, snow and more snow, and we shook our heads wondrously as we greeted our May snowfall.

Skies were gray yesterday afternoon when I headed down to the little city for cat food and French class. I won't go down there if I expect bad weather after nightfall. I walked a parking lot, where flowering trees were juxtaposed against dull skies. It began to sprinkle. I settled into Starbucks to warm up with latté -- triple shots --  and munch an egg salad sandwich, a perfect choice for a person awaiting her tooth implant. The pavement outside was getting wet.

Interesting pods hung from a tree, but are those tiny buds along the branches?

Is that a bird nest in that tree?

The news says the backside of this current weather front is passing through now. They say more is coming. Will it be another fizzle?  Will it be false promises? If I keep up the conjuring, will I be able to do a Facebook cover photo of Snow, Spring 2012?

See you soon.


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  1. Fingers crossed for no snow.... spring is in the air!