Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Men at Work

Late yesterday morning, as I was deeply engrossed in Something Very Important, grinding and rumbling noises gradually impinged on my consciousness. I'd dismissed it at a subliminal level as being the trash truck making its rounds, until it dawned on me that it was Monday and Monday is not trash day. That, and the jackhammer noises.

I'm in a work zone.

I went to the window with the best view of men, Bobcat and trucks, tearing into the driveway of the neighbor across the street. This resulted in a big distraction for several hours and frequent trips from my Important task to take a photo every time a piece of equipment moved an inch or two. I'm showing some of them here. This rivals my fine trip to the dump for excitement, perhaps even more so because of the inherent mystery of it all.

The asphalt is scored with the jackhammer, then the Bobcat deftly lifts it.

It picks it up so delicately, drops it onto the pile, then with a couple of
taps, quarters it. I didn't notice the ghostly hand until I saw it in the photo!
Click on photo to enlarge.

There's lots of inspection going on in the hole.

Bringing in the big gun . . .

Super M

More delicate tapping in the hole

Someone else probing. I never figured out what that green trailer is.

A big truck with a tank arrives.

The trunk is pumping and the other guys seem to be measuring down in the manhole.
Nuts! My view is blocked.

The tanker truck leaves and refilling the original hole begins.

The Super M finesses it now.

Looks like a sewer clean out pipe.

Tidying up

Today I get a closer look. That doesn't look like the most convenient
location for a clean out pipe. Fortunately the neighbor has a circular
drive and can go out the other direction.

There is this remnant of pipe that looks somewhat the worse for wear.

"Sanitary Sewer"

So maybe they'll restore the driveway to its former glory.

I mentioned yesterday that I wondered whether I'd get up my nerve to go out and ask what was happening. By the time I reached that point, they had all packed up and left.

Clearly, it had to do with the sewer and/or the neighbor's connecting pipe. (Is that what's called a lateral?) It was either a blockage or a leak. That's the most I can conclude.

Whatever it was, it reminded me that my regular homeowners' insurance would pay for damage if my own sewer line were plugged up but not if there is a plug-up that backs up from the public side of the line. I have a rider for that and happy for it.

The crew and equipment are the same one that has been digging a trench across the parking lot at the park I realized today as I walked across that parking lot. I have no idea what that's about either. Maybe I should go down to the park and interview them.

I love life in a small town!

See you soon.



  1. You are going to end up with a tv series - I can see it now. "What's Happening in the Neighborhood with Lee".

    1. Hmmm. Probably something along the lines of Sanford and Sons, I suppose.

  2. From blogs to TV...perhaps more money in reality TV. Lee "Kardashian?