Friday, March 2, 2012


An uptick from desultory?

Considering that my very first day of the crash writing project started with having "other things to do" from 9 to 5, followed by losing most of what I tried to enter in the software experiment to places unknown, still I managed to complete a Thursday blog not entitled "Thursdays Out."

The first thing of the day was to attend a presentation at The Little House on computer safety and maintenance and I arrived "naked." You know, that feeling you get when you arrive somewhere without your purse? The feeling that you want to head home at 70 mph before some one catches you without your driver’s license? Worse, I didn’t have money for the senior lunch, nor my ATM card to get cash to pay my cleaning lady. And no camera for NeedleCrafts. I would already be doing two trips between town and home on my newly-filled tank of $4.26 pg gas; and I’d miss much of the class with another run home.

The presentation was scheduled for 1½ hours, ending in time for my NeedleCrafts ladies. It was pretty clear at the one hour 40 minutes mark that it wasn’t going to finish for quite awhile, so a friend slipped me $20 and I went off to the room next door for NeedleCrafts.

We were 12 or 13 (kind of a moving target) with lots of good projects and me without a camera. I finished my first tile block and took its picture when I got home.

Tonight I reread the instructions and I've done something wrong with the measuring. The question now is whether I abandon this block or resize all the blocks to match it.

Once home from the first trip, I cobbled together all the cash I could find and made a partial payment to my cleaning gal, accomplished a bit more disastering on the new software, then headed back to town, purse and paperwork in hand, for the computer group’s board meeting.

We’re facing problems many organizations do -- recruiting new (and younger) members, getting an assessment on what they’d really like to hear and see in our programs, then putting the programs together — all that organizational/existential stuff. The board meetings are a blast and I think it would be nice if the energized and relaxed interaction could be replicated at regular meetings. My theory is that seating people around tables face-to-face, or at the very least, in chairs arranged in a circle, as opposed to rows of chairs facing front, would make meetings considerably more interactive. Makes sense to me.

Befuddled by the software experiment, I reverted to my old-style software to blog last night.
*             *            *
Fed Ex called me early this morning to get my street address. I live in a PO box and they don’t deliver there. I couldn't remember what I’d ordered until this big box arrived.

Inside was my item, a little jar of face cream,   

protected by the most industrial strength bubble-wrap I’ve ever seen.

I buckled down to the MyMaWriMo project today. I got a lot of scribbles from notebooks entered into the software in a list where I can find and retrieve what I want. I only lost several files one time, then learned from my error.

I took time off for my exercises and I capped off the day with a good phone call from Daughter. Let’s forget about the things I forgot to do and stay with this nice jazzed feeling.

Saturday morning I start on the bone density medicine with the "must remain upright without eating" for a half hour, or an hour. Whichever. I’ll let you know how that goes.

See you soon.



  1. Glad to hear you included the exercise in your daily activities (I should talk). It is not likely you will be stopped and caught without a driver's license in this small town.

  2. Is that a jar of L'occitane? I bought the most fabulous kit of small jars of their whole line when I was in France last. Everything was fabulous. Leave it to me to focus on the face cream.

  3. Yup. L'Occitane. The "Immortelle" line. My daughter put me onto it years ago. I thought it would make me live forever. See what it has done? I only look 75 and I'm really 95. :-)