Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling a little like Google Street-View

Or sidewalk superintendent? Only there are no sidewalks and I don't go outside to record the neighborhood excitement. (At least no Frenchmen peeing their their backyard were caught here.) This is the wrap-up of the big dig that happened earlier in the week.

But first, as promised last evening, I went back out to reshoot the blue flower that was out of focus yesterday. Years ago, at least 15 and maybe more, I bought a bulb assortment from one of those catalogs we used to buy from before people at home had the Internet. This tiny blue flower sprang from that original planting, without any further attention. I forget what it's called, so I hope those of you who give better attention to their gardens will refresh my memory.

The unidentified little blue flowers
(Grape Hyacinth-Thank you, Maria)
While I was out with the camera, I turned to these little yellow flowers. We planted this Oregon Grape in 1989 or 1990.

Then there's a nostalgia item I forgot to include last night. For some reason I can't fathom, Fig Newtons popped into my mind. They were served a lot in my childhood, probably because Mama loved figs, or thought they seemed fairly nutritious for a cookie. I don't think I liked them very well, although I would eat them grudgingly. I was a fan of my Grandma's "hermits," soft cookies which she made with dates or raisins or chocolate chips. (Nummmy. I'm almost tempted to look for her original recipe in my ancient recipe box.) I went looking for a cookie of some kind, any kind, at the store this week after an attack of sweet tooth. Of all the cookies on the shelf, Fig Newtons spoke to me. I prefer them with the cookie slightly dried out, but this packaging pops closed on its own. I'd have to deliberately set them out to get that dry effect.

We left the big dig on Tuesday, March 20, in this status, something of a barrier to travel over the circular drive.

Then on Friday, March 23, Super M returned and started relocating the piles of sand and gravel to the repair site.

Close up:

Hand work:

Confab with the homeowner's son:

An outside asphalt supplier blocks my view!

There it is.

Completed, or so I think, although the yellow tape is still up as of today, March 30.

See you soon!


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