Saturday, March 3, 2012



Sister invited me for dinner this evening. Before leaving, I put my computer to sleep with programs open, something I do almost every night, and turned off the keyboard and mouse so cats would not awaken it. I didn't notice it at first, but Sister and Brother-in-Law had a brand new TV in the living room. It was on, but since mine is almost always on in my living room, it becomes somewhat invisible. The whole new thing finally dawned on me when I saw the old TV on the buffet in the dining room. I think it's just parked there pending relocation.

The older TV (not really old) was probably intended as temporary anyway, since they were only part-timing it in our little town. The complete move-in is getting nearer, and we were chatting the other day that the old TV was looking a little small. I'd gone to the big flat-screen digital back when everything was going digital, replacing a somewhat large tube TV in a gi-normous walnut cabinet. I don't have a wall to put the TV against; it sits cattycorner across a window. I'd fiddled around with my yardstick and thought a 42" TV would fit the space. Sister looked at it and declared 46" would fit.

Time passes until now and I commented that the 46" that had seemed so big at first didn't seem that big now. Not that it's a real problem. I just usually watch it from my chair at the computer a long ways away. The upshot is that Brother-in-Law didn't want one that would become too small, so they went shopping for 52 55-inches and with all kinds of techie upgrades since mine came out. He has spent the day fine tuning all the channels. Their connection is pretty low-end right now so some channels come across a little wishy-washy. To demonstrate its true capabilities Brother-in-Law stuck in a Blu-Ray of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I'd actually intended to come home and blog, but I couldn't resist this demonstration. Besides, Sister had never seen an Indiana Jones. How can that be?

When I did get home, I flicked on the mouse and keyboard, clicked to awaken it, and stepped away to do something else while everything came up. When I returned, a dark gray screen greeted me. Mouse-clicking and space-bar pressing did nothing. I can use a lot of software pretty well, but I know nothing under the hood. It's an all-in-one computer so there aren't even many wires to wiggle. I did a forced shutdown and waited a bit before trying to restart, restarted, got a Resuming Windows screen, an Input:PC screen, then dark grayness again.

Not too legible but the best the little camera can do.
It gives you an idea of what was streaming by.

Is success in sight?

Oh, here's my answer. Only my computer doesn't have a program that opens
a .dmp file, and the sysdata.xml file cannot be located. What a nice help that is.

Another forced shutdown and restart got me a white on black screen with lot of words and short decision timeline. I'm not sure now what all it did; I'd left my good camera at Sister's that I could have quickly started snapping pictures of the screen messages with, so it was aways through the process before I got an older camera out and captured some of it. It ran through lots of tests and deletions and disk checks and finally asked me whether I wanted Windows to start normally. It did, or you wouldn't be seeing this now. I then ran a couple of malware scans that came up clean. I almost didn't write this, but ... it's one of those lovely events of daily living.

I'm not sure I fully trust that things are just dandy. I've had program freeze ups in that new writing software and also in Internet Explorer 9. I hope these IE9 errors are going to Microsoft so they'll give me a solution.

Not so jazzed tonight . . . discombobulated!



  1. Before becoming a college financial aid advisor, I worked at an IT call center where I helped students with issues on their computers. One of the main reasons many students would call in needing help was due to Internet Explorer 9. It has so many bugs that it can eventually make a computer crash, thus destroying all the files :( We always recommended that the student downgrade to IE 8, or use Mozilla Firefox. Hope your computer issues are worked out though! Technology can be so aggravating at times!

  2. Sorry, but the TV is 55". We were looking at 46" but your comment upped us to 55, although it doesn't really seem that much bigger than the 46's. It must last a long time, tho.

  3. Yikes - things like this can ruin your creativity for the day. I keep having trouble with the printer going offline and not communicating with my desktop. It's a mystery.

  4. Sometimes computers are so much more of a hassle than a help! I don't know a thing about fixing them either so I have to call my friend in the states when I am in dire need. I think I probably did better in the pen and paper days! Hope all gets worked out and you are back on track soon. BTW-I think your sister is the only one who has never seen Indiana Jones!
    Ashley (backyardprovence)