Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Week That's Not Over Yet

Jean-Luc in the crinkle grooming tunnel

 Here it is, another unanticipated blog post late at night, because I was reminded that Leap Day is upon us by Renee over at Writingfeemail's Blog. It -- today by a few moments -- feels like the end of the week, not hump day. The main effect February 29 has on my life this year is that it puts off my Social Security check for a week, since I receive it on second Wednesdays. I don't anticipate observing any of the traditions of Leap Year, such as running out and proposing to someone. I have no plans beyond sorting and filing papers, which all the paper shuffling I've been doing for for weeks, or so it seems, is preparation for.

Dark clouds moving in

 Or, if it snows, which it might, I'll go out and take some snow pictures. A friend who drove into Yosemite Tuesday morning said she was driving through snow. It looked ominous when I went down the hill to the little city Tuesday afternoon.

Even darker to the east (or maybe that's north)

 I'd gone to the dentist to see whether it's time to do the tooth implant yet. Alas, no. There is still healing of the bone graft to be done. We'll check progress in another month. I'm getting darned tired of trying to chew food with too few chewing surfaces.

Then I went to the new PetSmart looking for "cat toys, indestructible," which had been a major Google search last week. I found some of the things on my list and others that I hope Jean-Luc will not eat. I filled a shopping cart with cat toys, treats and Chloe's special food. These will be doled out sparingly. Tonight when I finally got home after French lessons, I gave them a Kickeroo, which Chloe immediately grabbed from the boys, a crackle grooming tunnel and a mylar ball. Looks like they'll enjoy!

Chloe engulfs the Kickaroo and rolls around on the floor.

See you soon.



  1. Hopefully the cat that needs the grooming (Chloe) will use the tunnel. Cute pictures of the babies.

  2. She's got unimpeded access all night long. I know she eats quite a bit overnight, so maybe she'll play a little, too.

  3. Thanks for the mention and the link. It's funny that we were both thinking of each other. I passed on a trio of awards to you - which aren't too difficult or demanding. Check out today's post.

  4. I came back from the states with all kinds of toys for Arthur. He turned up his nose to all including the ultra-deluxe, catnip refillable (yes, I bought refills), fuzzy mouse. He has far more fun playing with my toothbrush and snuggling with a wooly scarf that a visitor left behind. Go figure!

  5. Delana, These cats here play with the weirdest things, too,(one just went dancing by leaping in the air after something invisible to MY naked eye) but once I baby proof for the things they'll absolutely destroy, they get bored. I'm thinking I need a toy box that I can rotate the toys through to "refresh" the newness. Hope it works, at least somewhat.