Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Photos from the Slo Mo Week

I stuff my camera in my purse, or sometimes dangle it around my neck, although I'm wary about that after it took an unfortunate dive to the pavement with me and broke its lovely LCD. I take a lot of pictures, always hoping that I've captured something cool or beautiful. Most don't rise to that level -- my camera isn't that great, and neither is the operator. But they do refresh my memory of things I like.

In my frenzied slo mo week, I did go out of the house and took a few photos of random things that struck my fancy. Also during that last week, I decided to give Internet Explorer 9 another chance, since it's going to become pretty much mandatory in the future for Win 7 users. I tried it on my travel netbook back when it was a Candidate Release, I think they called it, and it didn't play nice with Blogger, especially in handling pictures. I tried it on this desktop PC awhile back but I didn't like the layout so uninstalled it. I received an article that described customizing the layout and I'm semi-happy this time.

But I haven't tried photo handling here yet, so this is a test. (I couldn't get it to insert a Smiley graphic last night in the location I wanted.)

Here we go!

Finally, we had wet streets, wet parking lots, wet stuff falling from
the sky and eventually filling the roadside ditches. And now it has stopped.

Without Sushi blogged on Vinegar and its virtues as a "green" cleaning product. She recommended it for practically everything, but to avoid having her house smell like a salad, she adds just a few drops of an essential oil to her spray bottle of vinegar. I decided to try lavender essential oil. Essence de Provence shipped these out tout de suite.

Through the screen: Christmas decorations at the Salon,
glittering in the sunlight. They'll be coming down soon for Valentine's Day.

It's an overcast late afternoon, but the fields have been washed
 by the rains a few days ago and there's a touch of green in the grasses.

A tinge of pink in the eastern sky as sunset approaches

Shade and sun at the ministorage

So ... photo-handling ... judgment suspended. Let's see if I adjust to it. I avoided inserting it between already entered text paragraphs -- the process that went so wrong on the netbook -- because I didn't want a fight with software tonight. I had a nice dinner at Sister's -- really cooked, not out of a box from the freezer, and we watched a couple of our favorite TV shows, and now my kitties and I want to go to bed ... without a software fight!

See you soon.


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