Friday, February 10, 2012

Fast Thursday . . . in Thursdays Out

(I wrote this on a paper notepad last night, sitting in my recliner with a cat in my lap. It's so rare my little Jean-Luc cuddles all evening that I delayed posting until this morning.)

I finally got a hunger pang and ate a little soup and ice cream. It's 8:30 p.m.

Today was fasting blood test day. I know. I just had labs done. Different doctor. His interest was not my cholesterol. My family practice doctor wants cholesterol. My bad cholesterol is usually bad. Too bad I can't get these doctors in sync so that I could get one poke in the arm at the same time for both of them.

Fasting isn't a problem. Remembering to is dicey. Too easy to grab a granola bar or cuppa coffee absentmindedly. I planted my first reminder in Stickies in my computer. You can't tell here that this pops up in front of everything at the appointed time and shimmies until I acknowledge its presence.

Which in turn plants the brilliant idea for a reminder on the refrigerator door . . .

. . . and last but not least, the coffee pot.

This was foolproof. No, really. It was foolproof. I thought I'd pass out from hunger a time or two while getting ready, but I didn't eat.

I did head directly from the clinic to the local café where I gorged on two huge pancakes prepared with about a cup of blueberries, two eggs over medium, three very crisp pieces of bacon (the chef even came out to check on the doneness of my very crisp bacon), and a quart of coffee. It was slow-going, molar-challenged as I am until I get that tooth implant, but I ate the whole thing and headed off to NeedleCrafts, feeling fat and happy. (Asked why I didn't just order the pancakes without the rest, I gave my perfect reason: this is how it's listed on the menu.)

We had a good group today. Norma had finished a baby blanket and, despite my calling out to her to hold it up longer, she'd started folding it and whipped out a little sweater before I could hardly get the camera out.

Sandy made these tiny lacy sox.

I even turned my camera to my tile block. Yes. Still on the first one. My fellow NeedleCrafters here marvel at my patience with those tiny appliqué stitches, but I need a long-term hand project to sustain me through the next few years. All my other in-progress quilt projects are in sewing-machine-required stages.

The senior lunch sounded pretty good today, but I still felt stuffed when the time came around. I would have let my lunch go to anyone who'd forgotten to sign up, but it was all mine, so I brought the main dish home for dinner.

Earlier, when I remarked about saying I felt soooo full, someone had suggested that a bit of citrus fruit would soothe the overstuffed tummy. I was a little skeptical. This goes counter to a breakfast sequence I follow that I read about in a book on food combining that has acids eaten first, as they digest first. There was a carton of orange juice with lunch, instead of the usual canned fruit concoction, so I drank it and ate my green salad sans dressing.

I should have stuck with normal practice. Until about 7:30 or 8:00 this evening I didn't think I'd want to eat again today.

See you soon.



  1. The 'fasting' reminders are a great idea. It is so easy to just forget that you aren't supposed to have coffee or soda or a cracker. Geez. Hope everything is ok.

  2. Good job on the pancakes and all the trimmings! I would have done the exact same thing and then high 5'd you on the way out :) Hope all is good with your test.
    Ashley (backyardprovence)

  3. Your notes crack me up. I have an unhealthy relationship with post-it notes but since losing my job in which part of my responsibilities was maintaining office supplies, I've curbed the habit. Those things are expensive!