Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flight Tracking . . .

Following Up on Whirlwind Getaway

As I completed last night's blog, I added this update:

UPDATE: Email this evening from Daughter said Granddaughter is back with her and her Sister, as there was some delay of the plane and she got bumped until tomorrow. I'm not sure Daughter answered the question I thought I asked when she said "No, mid-air turned around." I'd wondered whether Granddaughter had boarded, then been cancelled, but on rereading I think the answer means the plane never arrived in LA.

On tenterhooks.
Saturday Flashback

Granddaughter begins a long journey to Accra, Ghana.

The Traveler (on left) relaxes with Mom and Big Sister before the flight.

"Whoa! What was I thinking?"

Mom has reassuring words for the Traveler (although she has been
basically freaked out that her little girl is headed for Africa).

"Bye . . ."

The story becomes a bit unclear at this point. Apparently the flight took off for Detroit, perhaps departing late, with several passengers due to connect there with a flight to Amsterdam. They would not be making the connection. So they returned to LAX.


For today, Granddaughter was scheduled on a nonstop from LAX to Amsterdam.

Mom, Traveler and Big Sister back at LAX

It was a major hassle there, because the re-ticketed traveler couldn't take advantage of any line-shortening options such as online check-in or kiosk check-in. Then there was the matter of her luggage ...

This time it really was "Au revoir."

The flight departed on time.

The flight crossed the border into Canada at about 5:25 PST.
(There used to be a time-delay in reporting aircraft position.
I don't know whether they still do that.)

Passed just north of Lake Superior

It subsequently crossed that southern tip of Hudson Bay, then traveled
more easterly through Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, then over the Atlantic.

It looked like it would not be flying over Greenland and Iceland as summer flights usually do, but tracking did not extend across the Atlantic by this website's resources.

I texted Daughter about the flight's arrival
a little after midnight (now Monday morning).

I know. I'm a little geeky about this stuff. I watched that little airplane icon for hours, until I finally realized it wasn't moving over the ocean. (Oh, wait. I did snooze a little while watching the Golden Globes.)

See you soon. (She'll be taking off for Ghana at 6:15 a.m. my time Monday.)



  1. Ha ha I too spend time tracking flight patterns when I know my Big Kids are in air!

  2. Well, doesn't that go right back to the theme of your blog - 'a trip that goes exactly as planned...' They rarely do but always work out.

  3. Yes. What ever would I blog about if these little course deviations didn't pop up? :-)

  4. I hope she makes it safe and sound. Sheesh! Air travel is such a big pain. She's going to be exhausted once she finally arrives.