Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Tis the season ...


Wishing there was a size between Large & Extra Large for photos!
I'm on my way to town for the first Christmas party of the season. The RV Club is holding its annual event at the Hotel Charlotte. Near the middle of town there is a large open lot, at least half an acre, probably more, and it is covered with holiday decorations. From the only stopping place along the road, straight on, it's hard to see that this extends all the way up the sloping lot.

Here's just a segment, lifting my camera as high as I can to get the shot.

The tree awaits us.

The dining room is decorated.

The tables are set and the wine is ready.

The presents the guests have brought for the Yankee Swap are being piled on the table.

I neglected to take pictures of the meal. We had a choice of steak, chicken or fish. I had the steak, which was tender, cooked as ordered, and topped with a spicy sauce, served with vegetables and mashed potatoes, and completed with apple cobbler with ice cream and coffee. We liked that they served all meals at each table, instead of, for example, serving all the steaks room wide, so that meals got cold while waiting for the whole room to be served. Sometimes that's not true when a large group is served more than one selection.

After the meal, we had the Yankee Swap. You've done it, haven't you, where a name is drawn and a gift selected from the table, with subsequent draws permitting a "steal" of an already chosen and opened gift or a "blind" selection from the table? A "theft" is about to occur.

To finish off, the newly-installed board poses for posterity. (I'm new only in the sense that I've been reelected as treasurer. I keep running. I think I've previously mentioned that I like jobs I can do at home, at the computer, without a committee.)

Seasons, the tiny gift shop in town, is decorated,

and this home along my route home has elaborate decorations for every holiday.

Whatever holiday you celebrate during this season which includes many, I hope it brings you peace and love.

See you soon.


  1. Looks as if it was a fun party! I'm feeling a little grinchy this year so reading about events like this does make me feel a little cheerier. Now excuse me while I go pack up my Halloween/fall decorations and haul out the holly...

  2. Looking very festive there Lee. Parties already? I shudder. No shopping done whatsoever.

  3. People belong to lots of organizations around here, most of which have some kind of holiday party. They try to do a little coordination so that there isn't more than one party a day night.

    I've only picked up a few little crafty items and traveler souvenirs, but otherwise not the real thing. I'm such a poor shopper.