Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . Color Blast

There's a yarn shop out there somewhere that starts ka-chinging up the sales when they see Judy coming. They even reserved a parking place "right out front" for her this week. She was ecstatic. They'd restocked from last week, when she poured out a bag full of balls of newly acquired specialty yarns on the table at NeedleCrafts. That was when I failed at cell-phone-photos and couldn't bring a picture for you. Today she poured out the new acquisitions, including several already-completed scarves. This week I had the camera.

She got lovely bags free from the yarn shop to carry her purchases in.

Tory modeled the black and white scarf.

Barbara is working on an intricate cross-stitch project.

I missed the explanation for this, but I think there are cross-stitched squares on each side, with maroon fabric on the backs in-between, forming little pockets. And they're all hinged together with ribbon.

And here's the front.

NeedleCrafts was the extent of my activities for the day. My tooth (or lack thereof) had begun hurting, so I took a nap with my kitties all afternoon. Jean-Luc had harassed my house cleaner all morning, then slept on my lap for the length of my nap and all evening during TV-watching.

This photo isn't from today but it is the same spot. I wake up Jean-Luc and Henley.

This is all the excitement I can handle for today. See you soon.



  1. Are you cheating on the Leopard Ladies? I see leopard belonging to someone who cross-stitches.

  2. Love the scarves! What a colorful post!

  3. It's always a feast for the eyes.