Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . Back to Normal

Really? What is "normal?" That's the question that has puzzled me all my life. As a kid I always felt I was rushing pell-mell through life. Mom, on the other hand, seemed the picture of serenity.

"When I grow up," I thought, "life will be calm and collected, like Mom's."

I'm still waiting to grow up, I guess. "Tempus fugit," Mom would quote.

But this week, it's about as calm as it gets. Christmas and the Christmas trip are over. My fantasy New Year's Eve, a road trip up to the summit of Tioga Pass for a midnight photo (9,945 ft. elevation) a rare possibility this year, will remain just that -- a fantasy, since it's accompanied by nightmare scenarios of getting stranded. No trips planned in my immediate future. I won't do another Soroptimist newsletter until January. (I'm sure all the ladies really missed the intended December issue, abandoned in the confusion of the season.)

It's calm. That's not normal!

It's Thursdays out, as it has been for the last 20 years. Since I finished a 13-year quilting project in late 2010, I've been at loose ends at NeedleCrafts, with only the occasional small hand-sewing project. I've sorted stacks of mail, messed around on the computer, opened more mail. I finally started a new quilt project in November. It stalled a little due to split fingertips, the needle-holding fingertips, from the dry weather.

But today they were okay and I appliquéd.

The blue and white fabrics are part of my French fabric stash. The yellows are auditioning as backgrounds.

I'll be making "tile" blocks from "Tile Quilt Revival." The pattern is called "All in a Dream."

Beginning the first block. This will be a long-term project.

We had two ladies at NeedleCrafts for the first time today. One of our new ladies knit this child's hat with the cute border.

I took this shot of Phyllis' counted cross-stitch a week or two ago. The entire piece will be pretty big.

Fingerless gloves are popular this year. Our new lady is working on this yellow pair.

Rose's daughter wants a six-foot eyelash scarf (I think that's what they call this yarn). She's about halfway through. Rose had a visiting granddaughter here with her. The young lady was surfing the Net looking for used text books.

Sister is back in her Mountain House for awhile now. We rode together to NeedleCrafts, moaned about all the tax bills and homeowners fees coming up, not to mention payments on Brother-in-Law's Dream Garage which we took a leisurely walk around. The carpenter was making sure nails were 6" apart where they should be, 12" where they should be, and not poking through in places they shouldn't.

I observed that maybe they could make a squash or racquetball court in the lower garage. There's a whole lot of concrete going on.

I guess this day is as normal as they get.

See you soon.


  1. I like your fabric choice and the lock looks great.

  2. Hmmm! I don't think I made those typos. It should read "I like your fabric choices and the block looks great." Sorry...

  3. Thanks, Maureen. It's not quite as spectacular as the big bold print tile blocks are, but it's a more exciting use of the French fabric than the pattern that came with the fabric collection. No problem with the double post. TWO comments. How exciting!)