Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thursdays Out, 7/15 Part Two


I've kinda lost the heart to recreate the part of Thursdays Out . . . 7 hours and 15 minutes that went missing on Thursday. It was written soon after having come through the big California wind storm and my own 7 hour, 15 minute power outage and the consequent hilarity. You can never quite recreate the immediacy of something written in the throes of a situation (or maybe that would be that I can't remember what I wrote).

Sister's power was out much longer, probably 24 hours -- unknown because we left town and went shopping elsewhere -- and there are others in our county who are still out, although they should be back up by Monday. I clocked a 53 mph maximum wind gust. Because I lost so many trees in last winter's storm, I didn't have any further tree damage, but it was mostly broken trees in our area that downed the power lines.

The (blogging) lesson to be learned is that when Blogger refuses to Save and keeps telling you that you'll lose any unsaved data if you close now, that's the time to Copy All, save it to another document, and try again. It's happened before and I'd only lost maybe a sentence, not the better part of a blog.

See you soon.


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