Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . 7 hours and 15 minutes (Part One)

This was originally written on December 2. It was really a much longer blog, but a giant blog-fail occurred where it ends now. I want to go ahead and publish under the original time and date, because it will take me another long while to recreate what was lost, and, this being the first of the month, I need to take care of bills.

Finally caught the little bandits at work.

Thursday out, yesterday, I forgot my camera when I went to NeedleCrafts. Hoping to do what so many people do day in and day out, I whipped out my handy cell phone, followed the little menu choices and snapped a picture of Judy's potpourri of recent yarn acquisitions and did it again for some else's lovely scarf. After that second picture, as I clicked "no, I don't want to take another picture," I glimpsed the "Save" choice fade away into the phone.

Oh, oh. I think I've missed something. Sure 'nuf, neither photo awaited me on the infinitesimal mini micro SD card. I gave up. All the goodies had been stashed away back in bags. I'd lost heart.

By the time we left NeedleCrafts after lunch, winds that had been swirling all morning were roaring through the trees. In fact, the power had flickered several times during the course of the day. Sister and I had a couple to stops to make on the way home, including the post office. The parking lot was sheltered from the winds, but as I rounded the corner toward the front door, I was hit with a cold blast that blew the heavy post office door out of my hand, all the way open, banging against the building, even working against one of those brassy post office door-closers.

I got home about two and sat down to write my blog. Normally I'd be doing Thursdays Out, but I'd said I'd be posting the pretties from the Soroptimist Winter Tea. In any case, this was to be a slightly auspicious occasion. Blogger, Blogspot's blogging software, keeps a tally of the number of blogs posted and the total in the queue if that's different. I got to 199 in the total column. With one unpublished blog waiting in the queue for me to finish sometime,  I'd thought, Gosh, it'll be 100 blogs published next time. (Ignore the faulty math here for the moment.) It caused me quite a surprise when the 200 total popped up.

So today, it's the real 200 blogs published since the January 7th launch. I've fallen short of a daily blog, like the two bloggers who inspire me most, The Other Side of the Ocean and My Incredibly Unremarkable Life, but that's not half bad. I'm thrilled to meet this milestone.

I'll be back ...


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  1. Congrats on the milestone and you should know that the comments I have been leaving aren't showing up. Yikes. This one may not either and if it doesn't I'll send an e-mail. In the meantime, I've given you a Liebster Award. Interestingly, the number it goes by is also 200 - for blogs with less than 200 followers. So that appears to be your lucky number!