Monday, December 5, 2011

Take THAT, Power Outage!

I love hearing stories about creative ways to deal with long term power outages. Loyal reader Donna forwarded an email she received this AM from a friend who had to endure the outage due to extraordinary winds from sometime last Wednesday night until 9:30 this AM (Monday).

Thanks to Guest Bloggers Donna and Sally for their exchange about Sally's Power-Less Adventure.

From Donna to Her Quilting Friends
Sent Monday AM

Here’s a note from my friend Sally up in Confidence with her solution for a power outage. Hmmm. Now I’m jealous we didn’t have one!

Hi Donna:

Thanks for your note. As you can tell (because I am replying!), we have power!! We lost it sometime Wed nite until 9:30 this morning. Of course, I escaped to San Francisco. Greg had to stay home to run the generator for the fridge and freezer, so my sister (who was also without power) gratefully joined me and took Greg’s place at the St. Francis....gee, what sisters won’t do for you! We had dinner Friday night on the terrace of the Cheesecake Factory overlooking Union Square.

And, of course, we stopped off in Livermore at the quilt store on the way home!

From Donna to Sally
Sent: Monday AM

Hi again –

Sally, I told some of my quilting buddies about the grand adventure you and your sister made of the power outage and now one who lives over on 120 wonders if it would be alright if she shared your “solution” on her blog (not identifying you, if you wish, or perhaps referring to “Donna’s friend Sally who lives up the hill”). She travels to France a couple of times a year and most of her blog readers are fellow travelers or people she knows in France with, of course, some locals and family.

Can you tell I’m putting off doing housework . . . D

From Sally to Donna
Monday Noonish

I like your ‘housework style’, as I too am putting it off with some holiday online shopping!
Absolutely....yes she can use my adventure for the blog, name and all! What makes this especially funny is that my sister and I ended up at
Verna Mosquera’s retreat in Danville during the power outage! We seem to have the timing down just right!! Our poor husbands are left at home with only candles and generators! Hopefully, third time will be a charm!!

Now, get that vacuum out . . . S
Although Sally gives permission to use her full name, I'm sticking with "firsts," lest my vast readership might be prompted to unmercifully rib the men left behind or suffer envy of the ladies. Lee

From Donna to Sally
Monday a wee bit later

Thanks Sally, by copy of this message I’m letting Lee have your “release” ;o/   Your little addendum including Verna’s retreat certainly adds to my interest in your solution!

In case you want to read about your solution to a power failure online, her blog is

The vacuum isn’t out yet but the high cobwebs are gone (well, the ones I can reach) and the dusting is done. On to the bathrooms . . . D

See you soon, if I still feel all perky tomorrow after getting a tooth extracted and a bone graft placed in the socket. In a process over time, I hope to have an infection-surrounded tooth replaced with an implant. (Just another little project.)


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  1. Gee, we only went to Sonora when the power was out. Is the St. Francis for free for "next time". TV came back today. Lola stole the Santa on the buffet and hid it under the bed in the guest bedroom. Peter loved that Santa too.... but I thought I finally could leave it out... NOT....