Saturday, December 17, 2011

Interlude at Dori's

I'm supposed to be working on my Christmas letter. (You knew I'm a person that would send a Christmas letter, don't you?) There have been many unplanned interruptions. Others have been planned, although the true plan was to have been finished days ago. Today Sister-in-Law and I had been invited to a ladies' luncheon at Dori's Tea Cottage, a little pre-holiday get together planned by a friend.

Welcome to Dori's Tea Cottage
 Unplanned was that my dentist, the one who's trying to prepare my jaw for an implant where a tooth was pulled about a week-and-a-half ago, gave my compliance at keeping inappropriate food particles out of the healing socket a stern tsk-tsk. I've had a hard time imagining beyond yogurt and ice cream what would be okay to eat after the little talking-to. I knew there would be ginger cookies with lemon curd at the luncheon, quiche with a little fruit, a slice of cake, and pots of several flavors of their 60 teas. I reluctantly passed off my lovely blackberries to SIL (little seeds), trimmed the green fruit from around the seedy (even tinier seeds) centers of the kiwi slice, and chewed very carefully to one side. So I think I'm safe with that meal.

However, I ate so slowly and concentrated so hard on chewing that I neglected to take any pictures of the food or the gathering. I did take the time after the meal for pictures of some of the decor at the Tea Cottage and some gifts in the gift shop.

You can take this Lady Cup with Teapot Hat home.

Some of our ladies shopping . . .

A ride through the wintery countryside yesterday ... the oaks are brown and the little bit of greening that the last rains brought to the grasses has faded away.

I've procrastinated long enough. The clerk in the post office said all Christmas mail must be in by Monday. I wonder if I'll make it?!

See you soon.


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