Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three Intrepid Travelers, Sorta . . .

It's almost over. Three days and nights in Yosemite, for Sister, Sister-in-Law, and me. I had every intent to blog every night with details of our daily adventures. But the adventurers retired to their room every night by a modest hour and neither of the others  truly appreciated my practice of blogging into the wee small hours of the night. Er, morning.

So tonight, I'll do it, somewhat briefly, with a few of the bezillion photos I took, with the possibility of more when I get off this annoying laptop and can take a good look at them.  You'll see Half Dome from several angles here. Be patient. They're obligatory in a Yosemite photo shoot.

Self-portrait of the intrepid threesome, enlarged here only
to give some chance of seeing Half Dome off there in the
distance. The goofy look on my face comes from trying to peer
 at the camera's LCD through proper level of my tri-focals.

Ravens greet us along the Merced River on
 our arrival on Sunday morning.
Half Dome, from the area of the Swinging Bridge

A small lake along Tioga Pass road

Half Dome from Olmsted Point

Awesome forces of nature at Olmsted Point

Stream flowing into Tenaya Lake
The travelers at the Summit of Tioga Pass

This is the real intrepid traveler. He set out, traveling
solo and in silence, from Tioga Pass summit eight days
before this. He'd just returned to his starting point when
we arrived here. He'd not seen anyone in those eight
days, including his own reflection in a mirror, and
covered many miles of high country. He was jubilant
in his accomplishment. Congrats to him!

Tenaya Lake in the afternoon

Bridalveil Fall - more water than we expected.
Yosemite Falls barely showed up in pictures,
so are not shown here.

More of Bridalveil Fall

Looks like cliff dwellings!

Lee and Sister on Wednesday, the
last morning, in Curry Village

Lee, Sister-in-Law and Sister,
lunching at the Ahwahnee

 Bye from Yosemite.  See you soon.



  1. Looks like you had perfect weather for this adventure. I love the shots of Half Dome - never been there but plan to. Yosemite looks pristine! Thanks for sharing - you know I've been waiting for these.

  2. Great photos! You gals look like you had a wonderful time :)