Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kick off ...

I usually get up before dawn to be at quilt camp by the time the doors are opened to us campers at 9 a.m. Wednesday.  But it was pretty clear around 2 a.m, when I was nowhere near done packing, that it was a choice between pulling an all-nighter or arriving a little late.

Quilt camp is so near and yet so far. It's about 45 miles, but takes at least an hour and a half to traverse down one mountain and up another. I wasn't the latest arrival, but I sure wasn't the first.

Just a brief taste as I sit in the sewing room alone at 1:15 a.m., everyone else having gone to bed.

By the time I arrived, the snack table was already laden with, well, snacks.

Coffee and tea available at all times to go with the snacks.

This is a spectacular quilt being made with Australian fabrics. B made great progress on this today, but I'll wait until she finishes to bring you the full effect.

This Christmas table runner still needs its border,
but it's already charming as is. 

This appliqué is hanging at the other end of this big room (something like 37
 women working in here), so I'm not sure whose it is yet.

This looks scrumptious. Rich and scrumptious.

We have a birthday celebrant today. Interesting cake-cutting technique.


Donna (a faithful reader) and I were chatting over the ironing board. Only half-paying attention, I thought she was working on half-square triangles, but felt there was something odd about them. I just snooped around her sewing machine and the answer is (meaningful only to quilters I suppose), ta da, Flying Geese.

This is my tidy work space. I carried my French fabrics acquired several years ago in Aix-en-Provence in this little French tote bag I acquired in Saint Jean de Luz this past spring. (Have I mentioned that I like traveling to France?)

This is the part of my work space where the work is going on. I will be using the tile block technique learned in the workshop last Monday, for this French fabric. I still want to catch you up on that workshop in the near future.

Meanwhile, I've installed Internet Explorer 9 on this laptop, giving it another chance to see how it works with Blogger software after having a rather poor experience using it on a netbook earlier this year and reverting to IE 8. I have to say there's no laptop like a good old IBM ThinkPad laptop for pure tactile experience, and neither this laptop nor my netbook are IBM ThinkPads, so blogging in laptop does not please me in any case. Maybe IE 9 plays differently with a desktop computer than it does on these little guys, which has not been a particularly fun experience. I'd buy another ThinkPad but those Lenovo versions don't look the same (stupid touch pads!) and I can't lift anything but the netbook into the overhead compartment when traveling sardine class!

Good night/morning, and hope I'll see you soon.


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  1. I love that you have fabric from France with you and that it will be made into a quilt. What a clever way to combine two loves! I hope you have a great week and that you'll keep us updated. I'm closing in on 40,000 words, so I'm thinking nanowrimo should be a success this year! Yeah!