Friday, October 7, 2011

A Small "Warm Fuzzy"

I've been barely present on these pages for a few days, getting life organized to go to my nephew's wedding this weekend, along with all the usual daily activities. But I had a quick little experience to share from yesterday that left me smiling.

I was on my way to a meeting, one I very nearly forgot about, driving along our winding mountain road, when a squirrel dashed across in front of me.  It had plenty of time to make it past an oncoming driver, but not past me. I jammed on the brakes. and the squirrel put on its afterburners and made it to the other side before I had to come to a complete stop.

I was glad that my reflexes kicked in like that. Sometimes when I find myself day dreaming while driving, I wonder whether they're still there.

But aside from a happy squirrel, I was rewarded with a very spontaneous "thumbs up" from the oncoming driver.  :-)

See you, although I'm not sure when.



  1. Once I hit an opossum on a dark road late at night. I think of it every time I pass that same spot. And until I die I will feel guilty for all those baby opossums waiting for Mom to return.

  2. A deer jumped off a bank onto one of my husband's trucks just a couple of days ago. There are three serious dents in it. The poor deer didn't survive. Yikes!

  3. Renee, do you guys use deer whistles on your cars/trucks? Not infallible, but we're convinced they help.

  4. Glad the squirrel threw it into another gear to safety. Love that you received a thumbs-up from another driver! Good karma is yours today!

  5. I am absolutely convinced that squirrels do that on purpose to us! I can just imagine all their friends on the other side of the road giving them a high five when they make it across and laughing their tales off at us :)

  6. No, I haven't tried the whistlers, but our farm trucks are so loud, I can't imagine they aren't heard - think son who added amplifiers to one truch and the two others are diesel.