Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"It's About the Bride"

(With apologies to all you fully-involved grooms -- your names are legion. NOT. You do know where the wedding veto power lies, don't you?)

 (Disclosure - The Groom is my Nephew; his mother is Sister.)
(Time passes. Wedding is planned for October.)

The Rehearsal and BBQ

The Bride and Groom, who live in Phoenix, as does her family, traveled en masse to the Bay Area for the wedding, where the Groom's family lives, just in time for the Rehearsal BBQ.

Welcome to the party.

Tables await the hungry.

The Groom, his brothers, and a friend from his teen years
in Hong Kong and the DJ for the event, tend the fires. (Hah!)

The Little Bubble Girls rehearse their walk down the aisle.

Wedding Day

Family members wait in the hotel lobby for their transportation
 to the wedding venue to set things up.

Still in his sound-equipment-set-up garb ... I always loved this logo.

He has a word with the Groom.

The Groom's Dad looks on.

The Cousins finish up with the flowers.

A reflective moment

The Bride and her Mom. The Bride designed her own dress and
 jackets for her Mom and Sisters, and did much of its construction.
 She is a prize winning young designer in the Phoenix area.
See her website here.

Meet the Married Couple, Brett and Becky, and her parents.

The Bride's little nieces and nephew mug for their Daddy's camera.

The Mother of the Groom's Family Photo

The First Dance

Cutting the Cake


First Bites. Thank goodness they didn't jam the cake in each other's
faces. I hate that practice, as do they, even though they were egged on
by some in the crowd.  (I think strewing chocolate cake crumbs
on that dress would be cause for immediate annulment.)

My Youngest Grandson catches the Garter. His older
Brother explains the significance of the catch.

The Throwing of the Bouquet was Not Without Incident. The first
feint resulted in a couple of roses flying out of the bouquet on
their own. The first real throw went straight in the air, hit the
ceiling, and dropped down behind the Bride. "Throw a line
 drive," someone called out. She launched it backward like a
bullet. Single Ladies flinched and ducked.

The Catcher of the Bouquet, who was innocently on the steps outside
 behind the Ladies, introduces himself to the Catcher of the Garter.

The Groom sings to the Bride.

Groom's Mom and Bride share a moment.

Groom's Mom and other Dad

Self-Portrait, between Brother-in-Law and Son-in-Law

Son-in-Law and Daughter

Daughter and Granddaughter

Son and Granddaughter


Grandson and his new Lady. He's so tall and she's
 tiny but she seems like she keeps up with him!

Wrap Up

The weather for the wedding festivities was perfect. It had stormed earlier in the week, but the backyard had fortunately dried out for the BBQ ... roses in bloom, grass neatly trimmed, balmy afternoon, cool evening. The wedding day was warm and sunny, with another cool evening. Fall is in the air. The grounds around the Lake Temescal Beach House were lush and romantic and the lake serene, as a few bathers played on the shoreline and swam.

I think the Groom's Mom (Sister, if you'll recall) would say, "It was about time" and "thank goodness that's over." It's a lot of work for those involved, but they did a beautiful job. I think I'll tell my children to suggest to their children that they elope, as beautiful as it all can be.

See you soon.



  1. Firstly, I wondered when you were going to post these. Just lovely and such a talented bride to design her own gown. But do you know what else I noticed? The scarf you are wearing in self-portrait matches the one I bought in Troyes! You didn't get to Troyes with the rest of us, so I'm thinking this is definitely a kinetic thing. Great minds and all that! Looks like you had fun!

  2. Renee... hah! Got it either in L'Isle sur la Sorgue or Ste Cecile les Vignes. The 14 ladies on the lavender tour last summer bought 77scarves among us. I don't think the one gentleman bought any.

  3. What a lovely wedding. The pictures are just wonderful!