Saturday, October 1, 2011

Festival Saturday

I almost sabotaged my day. A little late waking up. An outside-cat feeding delay . . . some animal had dumped every cup of water and slobbered up the food bowl with a stinky, snuffling snout. Then, had to split a pill for Chloe and bury it in her food. Rushed out of the house after all these little delays. When I was about to make the last turn into downtown Groveland, I realized I'd left my camera at home.

This, the day of several photo ops! Film festival, flea market, Living History Day. Not to mention a just plain Perfect Day to boot.

The film festival was the main item on my calendar for the day -- all day, from 10 to 6:15. That's skipping a trip down to Sonora for another set of more adult films this evening.

Last night was opening night down in Sonora, and today all the films were played here in Groveland as well as in Sonora.

I took the first break between sets to race home for my camera.

Festival organizers greet us at the entrance

I watched nearly 50 films. I guess that accounts for the fact that when I look at some titles, I wonder which one was that? An eclectic bunch of films. I enjoyed watching almost all of them and was apparently the only paying customer who was there from first to last. Thank you, volunteers, which included high-schoolers who sold snacks and food. (First day of the crash diet and I had a hot dog for lunch.)

Film-watching doesn't lend itself to a lot of photos. Thanks to the super light-gathering ability of my Canon G11, I caught this shot of the technical crew in a room that was much darker to the eye.

I took the next break, occurring around lunch time, to race through the flea market and Living History exhibits for a few pictures.

A tourist bus discharging its passengers on the town

It's getting close to closing time.
Sellers are starting to break down their displays.

This day is not going well for someone.


Knitters and Weavers


Another quilter

Raffle quilt


Broom making

Pony ride. Er, not really.

It was getting dark as we got out. Strange little gray clouds sent me racing to an area where I hope to get some cool sunset shots. Too many power poles and lines!

Beautiful sky en route home

Current Moon, Waxing Crescent, 29% of Full

See you tomorrow.



  1. LOVE the quilts. My colleagues at work threw me a baby shower for my second son and purchased a quilt made by the Amish here in Michigan. It is absolutely beautiful. Can't believe you watched so many films! Can you see okay after that? The weather looked like it was nice, and you're right, someone certainly was not having a good day. Gave me a chuckle when I read that, and then I felt terrible, because I imagine the person in that picture didn't find it funny one bit. Oops. :)

  2. Wow, that's quite a day Lee! Wonder what else you could have done if you hadn't overslept. LOL!