Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pool Days

Suspended between seasons.

They tell me it was last Saturday morning that there'd even been sprinkles the night before, that that was the day with the overcast and the cold wind and no matter how much we jogged and did jumping jacks and quick kicks and the arm and leg swings of water aerobics, we couldn't get warm even up to the chin in the water. I'd thought that was Sunday, although Sunday afternoon was sunny and those that went to the airshow up at our little airport reported it was warm. I intended to go to the show, but kept forgetting to leave for the airport, so stood in the driveway to watch a red plane from the driveway that passed overhead several times.

I skipped Monday. Tuesday was nice and today, nicer. The kind of day where you don't have to swathe yourself quickly in your towel to forestall a chill. The kind of day when the sun quickly dries your shoulders and you can pause by the pool watching the amazing patterns of light in the water. A day when I finally had a camera with me to capture some of the light.

We're exercising just before midday now, instead of 8 a.m.
For the most part, a happier crowd.

My Most Favorite Pool Sign

Can any human out-do these beautiful designs of nature?

Underwater bubbles swirl around and erupt like little volcanoes,
creating moon-crater shadows and reflections.

Adding water to the pool

The pool is scheduled to remain open for water aerobics until the end of October. Sigh.  I hope it lasts.  I hate water aerobics less than other forms of, exercise, so I dread having to find an alternative when the season ends.

My desktop weather gadget popped up with this message this afternoon:

Although I am, generally, a winter fan. It's just not fun in the pool when it's cold.

Another last hurrah

See ya soon...


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  1. I like the photo that has your reflection taking the picture in it! Nice!