Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maybe it's the lazy days of summer . . .

. . . Whatever it is, I'm having a hard time getting my ... er, some gittalong in my giddyup. Or, is that giddyup in my gittalong? I'd rather read blogs than write blogs, take a nap instead of declutter, snack endlessly rather than cook. It takes actual scheduled events or appointments to stir me out of this lassitude.

Today was busier than originally anticipated. I had assisting with an Excel 2 class at The Little House on my calendar and a manicure. But on Sunday, a friend died, and a celebration of life was scheduled for noon today. I'm learning more than I'm helping with the Excel. I have to use it to be able to share with other people, but my method has been brute force and in the class we learn quick tricks. But my job is to make sure everyone is keeping up. I'm a Windows user and the instructor is a Mac user teaching in Windows, so occasionally translation is needed.

I left the class a little early to get to the church before noon.  It's a simple but beautiful little mountain church, sitting on a hilltop, almost full by the time I'd parked and walked halfway up the hill. The man who had died loved Hawaii, so we were asked to dress Hawaiian-themed. It was a colorful congregation. It was a long service, very nice, but it didn't leave me much of a chance to socialize and partake of the enormous spread of food that is laid out in these events before I had to leave for the manicure.

Slowly turning fans and peaceful light fixtures at the church

So I ate and ran to my nail appointment. Sleepy again, so sleepy that my hand fell into my lap in the midst of filing.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have a choice of morning or evening water aerobics and I have a feeling I'd better go early lest I blow off the evening session after the rest of the day's activities: NeedleCrafts and a computer club board meeting. I should be able to swing by to see how the Big Pour went at Sister and Brother-in-Law's.

Watching the late night world financial reports and the dollar is strengthening against the euro. Good time for a trip abroad. I have a friend leaving for France on Sunday.

See you soon.


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  1. Aah, my energy is also running down as summer unwinds. And thinking ahead to the holidays just wears me out. Maybe we need to plan a trip abroad to inspire us!