Friday, September 30, 2011


I don't need to take off a Jean Size in two weeks.

I'm looking for half a size in one week, just enough to get the pants zipped up comfortably on one of my two "nice" outfits for my nephew's wedding next weekend.

In the course of daily living in my little town, "dressing up" consists of putting on my best jeans. The "nice" outfits are what my daughter calls Old Lady Clothes. True. They're not cool. They are the antithesis of cool.

I just don't have the energy or inclination to go shopping for cool with so little demand for fancy dressing in my life.

The bride is the star, the old ladies are background, and that's as it should be. (I don't suppose it's okay to dangle my camera around my neck and take pictures, is it?)

See you soon.



  1. It is okay (to dangle camera)! Others will be doing the same! And "old-er lady" status buys you any number of passes.

  2. We always tell visitors that we wear denim and for dress-up it's CLEAN denim.