Friday, September 23, 2011

Big September Weekend, Day 1

I know. I'm blogging on Day 1 after I did Day 2. But I'm back with some of my photos of the '49er Festival on September 17. Like the Quilt Show, there are so many shots to choose from. You may think I didn't restrain myself very much, but only I know what's left behind.

Groveland sits astride the northern-most state highway leading into Yosemite from population centers such as San Francisco and San Francisco. It is two lanes through town and there is no possible detour around the '49er Parade, which marches right through the center of town. The highway patrol closes one lane to accommodate the parade, and highway traffic alternates in- and out-bound in the other lane.

I got a ride with Sister and Brother-in-Law to a school parking lot outside of town, and took a "trolley" into town. (Sister has a photo of the trolley that I'll have to get from her.) We were lucky to be provided roadside chairs by Dori of Dori's Tea Cottage, who was also selling coffee to those who hadn't had time for the second cup before heading out into the crisp morning air. It was wonderful to have a real chair, although it didn't stop people from standing right in front of us. (Sometimes you wonder what they're thinking.)

We're ready to watch: BIL with coffee, Sister and Moi.

They're ready across the street, too.

The Flag leads the way.
Followed by the Country Mountain Riders

And the ... er ... follow-up crew.


Proprietor. Back Street Books - Rare & Used

Honoring veterans. Unfortunately, I'm unable
to decipher the sign on the vehicle.

Honorary Mayor of Groveland, Goose (he's the four-footed walker in this picture).


Pine Cone Singers, beneficiaries of bribes paid in Goose's election campaign,
along with the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce.

The dogs and the Dog Park People



U.S. Forest Service

Smokey Bear and friend

This group reenacts an exhibit of  life in
the community in the 19th Century. On display October 1.

Mother Lode miner

The Ladies of Bella Donna Salon

A Model T (?) Ford

Young Mad Dog loggers

Armored car

Armed car, er ... armed County Sheriff

Tioga High School Timberwolves, with their fierce-looking critter

Tioga cheerleaders

Tioga High School fire rig
Orange Crush traveled all the way here from Summerville High School


Drawing on October 22


Soroptimist! Here they come. I jump out into the street. They're my people. My peeps! The ones I've been waiting for! We have a theme: of "Soroptimist through the Decades": 1920s [when Soroptimist was founded]: Women Get the Vote; 1930s: Survive the Tough Times; 1940s: Help in War Effort; 1950s: Build Strong Communities; 1960s: Women's Movement; 1970s: Women’s Careers Break the Glass Ceiling; 1980s: First American Women in Space; 1990s: Growing Political Presence; 21st Century (2000s): Young Women Are Our Future.

I raise my camera to take shots of each marcher and "change battery pack" appears on the LCD of my camera. (A few choice words are mumbled under my breath.)

So, no more parade pictures. No pictures of the Chili Cookoff and all the festival booths and vendors and musicians and crowds.

It was a good day with perfect weather. Sister and I had tuna sandwiches in a café for lunch, something we, as multi-cat owners, are unable to enjoy at home. We took an apple pie home for dessert after dinner. Yes, a very good day.

See you tomorrow. (Well, maybe. My Internet went down when I went to post this in the night. Had to wait for morning.)



  1. The pictures of the parade are on the Apple, so until I fire it up and copy them over to the PC, you will need to wait to get the missing ones, unless BIL sends them to you.

  2. What? I just looked at my comment and it doesn't say anything! This stupid laptop hates me I think. Anyway, looks like the parade was fun even if your camera gave out right when you wanted it!

  3. Laura, I've been trying to decode your original comment. The clue just wasn't quite big enough. The orneryness of laptops makes me wonder why some people want them as their only computer.

    I have excellent photos from another photographer (besides Sister's), but she wouldn't like me to snag hers. BIL hasn't sent me Sister's pictures.

  4. Great pictures - love the thunderbird! Your community looks so neat.