Monday, September 5, 2011

And now there's light!

Owweeii. When does exercise produce that feel-good feeling, instead of screaming muscles and the overwhelming desire to nap all afternoon? Such big plans I had to write a few comments for the blog tonight about the book I finished reading, but I couldn't organize a serious thought for want of nodding off. Oh, I scooped litter boxes and scrubbed up cat barf and heated a burrito for dinner (no more Labor Day kitchen break), but these don't require a state of wide-awakeness or concentration.

Maybe now that I'm in the light again, things will pick up. There's been a developing problem in that area. When, for example, I could barely make out what I was doing at my kitchen sink, I finally looked up to find that four of six fluorescent tubes were out. My own shadow was being cast over anything on the kitchen counter. It was way more noticeable when the solo bulb in my closet went out suddenly a week or two or three ago, making it difficult to find a coordinating outfit, or -- even worse -- preventing that decluttering pass through the closet contents.

This light bulb replacement stuff is something I've always done on my own, but I hesitate these days to climb up on the step stool to look up and reach up to screw and unscrew bulbs, not to mention shuffle around the plastic light diffusers in the kitchen light panel. So I mentioned to Sister that I could use someone to hold a stool or call 9-1-1 if I fell off. We tried all weekend to fit this little job in between all the eating out, but it didn't come to pass. Today had to be the day, because . . . uhm, just because. Sister sent an email that she and Brother-in-Law would be over after dinner. (Hoping we would have enough light to see the task at hand without the aid of daylight.)

It was dark when they got here and BIL came with his own step stool to do the climbing. He replaced the fluorescents and now it's like walking out of a movie theatre at noon! The closet bulb was a little more problematic. The bulb twisted off without bothering to unscrew the base. It had probably been in there over 10 years, or maybe 20. While I was out searching for needlenose pliers, BIL managed to extract the base, replacing the 60 watt bulb with a 67 watt bulb. (Bulbs have become so strange lately.)

Now I can see again.

And now I must get to bed so I can get up again and do water aerobics. Yippee!

See you tomorrow.

P.S. The outside kitties figured out that the cups of water were theirs.


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