Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Your payment is overdue" & other annoyances

Happy Tuesday!

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I receive not one, but two, of these emails from Ford Credit. Mind you, I just got a letter in the mail informing me that my FINAL PAYMENT of 48 on this car will be AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTED on my next payment date, September 1. All my payments have been automatic.

How, I ask, can an automatic payment be late?  I know I'm not late but what kind of #@!? $&% will I have to go through to straighten this out?  And did they report me late to a credit bureau? You see their suggestion for remedy: go to Account Manager online and sort it out.

Ford is one of my "Pay Bills" Favorites, so I headed straight for the website. I clicked and couldn't connect ...  even with repeated tries. My Failed Connection software said the receiving server was refusing my call, so to speak.  Rats. My least favorite thing in the world is to make phone calls about things like this.

Time passed. I was still being denied access to the website. So I called a phone number that my original Final Payment letter provided. (Notice that in my original Payment Due notice, no phone number is provided.)  Whatdaya know. There was only one message on the phone line; it played automatically: If you received a payment reminder email today, it was sent in error and you should disregard it.

Hahahahahahahaha!  They're not picking on me. Obviously, their website got swamped with puzzled and/or irate customers trying to access Account Manager, which accounts for why they weren't letting me get through to them. When I finally was able to get onto the website, here was the message:

Alls-I-have-to-say is:

I did get two followup emails from Ford, with identical content, but the latest one let the graphics through, as they were unavailable earlier.

That's not my only annoyance this week.  (Whine whine whine.)

I read a great review about how Outlook could simplify my email life. I'd never particularly thought I needed it ... it's way more business-oriented than a retiree needs. But simplify my email life?  Wow! And I'd read good reviews about Office 2010. I received an offer for Office 2010 that includes Outlook, so I thought, what the heck. I spent all day yesterday installing it and migrating data (emails and contacts) from Windows Live Mail. The instructions that portrayed this as simple were either incomplete, or it just wasn't that simple.

It's all migrated now, by hook or by crook, not easily, and I'm wrestling with the restrictions placed on me by the software, "for my own safety." I'm trying to assert my control over the beast and not let it do the other way around. The most annoying thing I'm unable do is click on an email link to a website. A big error message pops with a dull clunk sound, telling me I no-can-do. Again, there are workarounds to get where I want to go, but what a pain in the patooty. I want to go to dangerous websites like My Mother Lode dot com for my twice daily local news updates, or to the Sacramento Bee for some hot story. I'd started receiving this error message fairly recently, before I upgraded to Office 2010, and am not sure of the circumstances under which I was being blocked. I think it may have been happening when using Word 2007. I don't know if it always blocked me, or whether it's some  recent security update that did it.

Just one more little gripe. I'm griped by people who are supposed to call me back on Monday and on Tuesday and they don't. I've waited around here for two days for the calls. So Chloe will remain one more night in the hospital, because by the time I called down there this afternoon to find out whether she's ready to be released (she is), I'd filled my car up with recycles that have to be dropped off before I can get her carrier in the car, and the recycle center was already closed. Cell phones were once the answer to this problem, but now that we can't use them in a car, we're back in the old days again.

Here are pictures of relaxed cats:

Jean-Luc all stretched out

All curled up.  They do have two nests side-by-side,
so they don't need to crowd if they don't want to.

See you soon.



  1. Have you tried Control Click (on the link) to go to a website from the email. That should work.
    Ford is somewhat like the Fire Safety Warnings.... you don't really have a problem... we messed up...Love it..

  2. Testing Outlook, which blocked MOG's comment.