Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Me from A to Z"

I was browsing through various blogs one day when I came upon this little exercise wherein the blogger tells tidbits about one's self alphabetically. It was titled differently by different bloggers and I apologize for forgetting the name of the blogger whose title I ripped off. Answers were varied, both as to style and content, and illuminating.

I copied the questions, not intending to answer them, but got seduced into asking myself, What would I answer if I answered? and there I was, filling it out. I didn't do it in one sitting. Waiting for inspiration, don't ya know. So in the great universe of blog topics, here it is. Other bloggers, feel free to try it out if you're so inclined.

Age: 74
Bed Size: Queen (one side for cats, the other for me)
Chore You Hate: Anything the word "chore" applies to?
Dogs: Had one once and he was nice and took care of my kids and me after daddy/husband died. If they weren't always biting me and didn't have an odor that gags me, things might have been different.
Essential Start of Your Day: Excedrin
Favorite Color: I'm wishy washy on this. It just keeps changing. This year I like coral.
Gold or Silver: Give me a nice gift certificate for
Height: Tallish but shrinking
Instrument You Play(ed): Guitar. First I wanted to be a Singing Cowboy but graduated to Traditional Jazz.
Job Title: Retired.  Please remember that, people, when you think I might need something to keep me busy.
Kids: Daughter. Son. Step-daughter. Two step-sons. Twelve grandkids, two greats, distributed among the various kids and steps.
Live: Yes I am or I wouldn't be writing this.
Mom’s Name: Mom (I'm not saying anything here that an identity thief can use to bust my passwords!)
Nicknames: Lee, Le, LeeLo, LeeLee. I have a mispronounced, misremembered, misspelled first name. The name was given to a soap opera infant in recent years, and I thought, finally, the name will become known, but they killed off the baby. Sigh.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Let's see: two babies and several female procedures of one sort or another, 6 or 7 perhaps?
Pet Peeve: Smoking in cars with young ones; tossing litter out the car window.
Quote from a Movie: What sticks more in my mind is a quote from the book-based-on-the-movie "King Solomon's Mines" (1950 version, starring Stewart Granger & Deborah Kerr), "Alan gathered her close, his embrace as strong as a riptide..." about the most titillating thing I'd seen or read in my young life. That glorious scene always seems to be cut out of the movie when shown on TV. It did not appear in the original (1885) novel by Sir H Rider Haggard.
Quote from a Commercial (I added this category): "Well played, Naomi Price!"
Right-handed or Left: Right
Siblings: Sister
Time You Wake Up: Seven most days. Actually getting up depends.
Underwear: MUST NOT RIDE UP!
Veggie You Dislike: All the popular ones: eggplant, artichoke, avocado, not to mention the unpopular lima beans
What Makes You Run Late: Believing that if I set an alarm to go off 15 minutes before I'm supposed to be someplace 15 minutes away, I will be able to pee, find my purse, find my keys and find my notebook (or whatever) and still make it on time.
X-rays: Yes, lots, I think. I can't remember any more.
Yummy Food You Make: I suppose spaghetti sauce, if I have to cook.
Zoo Animal You Like Best: Giraffes are very cool but I like better to see them loping across the savanna, or wherever it is that they live free.

Well, there you have it.

See you soon.


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