Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lavender at Sunset

Photography is about the light. (OMG. Here I start out pretending to be so profound.) Painters know that, too. Monet, for one, painted the same scene over and over, through the seasons and through the hours of the day. He kept at it even as he was going blind. You can see an important collection of these at the Musée Marmottan Monet - Paris.

Back in the Kodachrome days we were cautioned never to shoot photos in the early mornings or towards sunset, as they'd be all orangey and unnatural. Now we chase that light for its unique cast on the landscape.

Chasing lavender at sunset isn't an activity that can be scheduled in advance for a tour. It's plugged in on an otherwise unscheduled evening of a clear day at sunset, whenever that should turn out to be.

Early word in the day on July 2 was that we'd go out at 7:30 that evening. Then I heard 8:00, so slow-eater here was still eating at 7:30 when the call went out, "we need to leave now!" They waited long enough for me to run upstairs to grab camera and walking stick, but NOT (ahem) to go to the bathroom. (That became an issue toward the end of the shoot.)

If I thought we'd driven quickly to the morning shoot, the evening drive had an exciting where's-the-fire vibe to it. We sped past lavender fields on the cusp of shadow, pressing on to our previous location. The light was turning. We were just on time to catch the effects of the descent of the sun.

I cast a long shadow. I have to dodge it in all the photos.

The pink/orange light infuses the crowns of the rows of lavender.

The grape vines and grasses pick up yellow.
There's Mont Ventoux there in the background.
Karen wades in

It's all in the light.

 (See my big hat in this photo? And Mont Ventoux?)

The crowns go almost silver

 Sister in lavender

Shadows are lengthening

Almost gone

"Desperate" people got dibs on the first car back.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Lovely, Lee. We were there just too early for the flowering of the lavender! So great to have your pictures.