Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to get sidetracked. Again.

Last night after posting the seven things you might not know about me re the Blog on Fire Award, I got nostalgic about my grand motorcycle trip for the Three Flags Classic. It's a pretty awesome thing to do -- a remember-for-life event.

The few pictures I'd scanned for some forgotten purpose don't really tell this story, so I've got a bigger scanning job to do than can be accomplished today. (The ultimate for this job will be to scan the negatives -- if I can find a handy way -- in hope that they will produce a better quality result than my ancient yellowed color prints.) So Three Flags Classic remains pending. Just so we don't go photoless today, here's a shot of husband Cody and me in that same era (70s) at the end of a San Diego area motorcycle run. Oh, to be so young again.

Today I've had a couple of ant encounters. A few days ago I sprayed the deck where ants had invaded the outside kitties' food. I'd served them away from that area since then, but this morning their bowls were swarming with little ants. Even feral kitties don't like ants in their food.  I did a more widespread spray job, but I think ultimately I need to get the pest control guy.

Last night and this morning, Stripes the feral kitten got way too persistent at climbing up the screen doors so I squirted him with a water bottle. He and Boots skedaddled and I feared for the rest of the day that I'd frightened them off forever. But they came back, as did Black Kitty, who hadn't been around for a couple of days. Late in the day I saw Mama Kitty drinking water from the birdbath. I hadn't seen her for a week and earlier today was considering that something bad might have happened to her. She did not come up on the deck to eat. Maybe she's dodging the kids?

Then I went into the kitchen to make something for dinner and a bowl of cherry pits I'd left on the counter a short while earlier was ... (suspenseful pause) ... swarming with ants. Pffft.

I did make a little progress on paperwork and bill-paying. I've been stalling on going through the rigmarole of re-setting up my online access to a bank account, necessitated by the forced sale of the old bank to a new one. I needed a new password and answers to five security questions. I don't like to use questions that someone can find answers to on a search (Papa's middle name, for example). Some security specialists advise that the answer doesn't have to be truthful. I'd have trouble enough remembering what the name of my favorite pet is, let alone what my father's middle pseudonym is.

Then I had to create a memorable pass-phrase which they incorporate in a little graphic box, presented in three color combos from which I must select "mine." I needed this account opened to find the final ATM transaction from abroad to update my account balance.

I still have tomorrow to clear the decks for the service person or persons who will fiddle with my appliances on Monday. It's mostly paperwork.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. I've wondered the same thing about generic security questions. It's a good idea to make something up, but better have it filed away somewhere.