Friday, August 5, 2011

The Blog on Fire Award

I'm so excited at having Renee at Writingfeemail confer a Blog on Fire Award on me. The award asks a recipient (me) (1) to list seven things you may not know about me and (2) to pass forward an award to ten other bloggers.

I also think this Award is really sharp looking.

Things you may not know about me:

1. This award has stimulated my inner geek. By what route did it get to me? I feel some research and a blog coming on.

2. I am secretly a very shy person, despite what you may think. But I'm in my post-angst phase, so it's not as painful as it once was.

3. I took up motorcycle riding at age 34, which seemed very old to me at the time. My biggest fist-pump moment goes to riding the Three Flags Classic - 1978, Tijuana to Vancouver on a Labor Day weekend (Friday evening until Monday afternoon).

4. You will annoy me mightily if you try to foist your religion on me.

5. I will never, ever get over the grief, guilt and horror of trapping my dear two-year-old Burmese kitten Ferguson in the clothes dryer.

6. I've outlived two husbands. I remember the good times and have gotten over the rough times. Nowadays, I really enjoy complete control of the remote.

7. I hate hate hate housecleaning (is that perfectly clear?), so hope my pension fund never goes broke, forcing me to do my own cleaning.

For the moment, I've come up with seven bloggers to pass a Blog on Fire Award to (alphabetical by blog name). I'll hold in reserve the right/obligation to pass on three others at a later time. Take a peek at these.

I'm partial to blogs about daily living, mainly written by those beyond the Mommy-blog age, with the exception of the hilariously funny:

#1 - mj at An American Mom in Paris - I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

#2 - Aviatrix at Cockpit Conversation - Adventures of an Aviatrix, in which a pilot travels the skies and the treacherous career path of Canadian commercial aviation, gaining knowledge and experience without losing her step, her licence, or her sense of humour.

#3 - Delana at du Jour why can't a 50-year-old woman pack up and move to France???

#4 - Kristin at French Word-A-Day - Serving you a daily thrice-weekly slice of French life

#5 - Sue at My Incredibly Unremarkable Life - A Journal (more or less)

#6 - Sion at paris (im)perfect - an ongoing, incomplete promise

#7 - Nina at The Other Side of the Ocean   ...writing from Madison, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Thanks again, Renee.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Hi Lee, Merci beaucoup (beaucoup!) for thinking of me. I enjoyed learning these 7 things about you. I can relate to #2, will bear in mind #4 (smiles!), and am so glad you admitted #7. (P.S. Re #3: Rock on!).

    Sorry to not participate but I will enjoy discovering and revisiting the blogs that you mention -- they look like my kind of reads! Thanks, Lee!

  2. Lee, I think you are one of the most interesting people that I have ever met. Motorcycle riding? One more feather in your cap! I knew when you chased down would-be car-jackers at CDG in Paris that you were a force to be reckoned with. Your blogs are interesting, your photos amazingly, and the award is much deserved.

  3. Congrats, Lee! And thanks for conferring the award on me, too! I really appreciate it.

    I'm afraid I probably won't have time to post on this, but I am honored that you thought of me. I do regularly let lots of random tidbits about myself out on the blog, though - probably don't need to do a dedicated post on it, anyway :)

    P.S. I think the motorcycle riding is way cool! Congrats again.

  4. Thank you Lee. Blog on Fire makes me so happy. I love the name. I normally don't accept awards on my blog but I'm going to play this time. I took up motorcycles at about 40 but sold mine when I left the states. And, if truth be told, I'm scared to death to ride here in France!