Sunday, August 21, 2011

75th Anniversary

Seventy-five years ago today, Momma and Papa got married in Pasadena, California. Pop was a stained glass artist and Mom was a social worker until my birth ten months later. They celebrated their 67th anniversary before Papa passed away at 94. Momma died three years ago at 95-and-a-half, as she made sure to point out. Here are the bride and groom those many years ago:

The Bride and Groom

Mom's younger sister was her maid of honor:

Maid of Honor and the Bride

Here is her formal bridal picture:

The Bride

They honeymooned in Blue Jay, San Bernardino County, California.

The Honeymoon Cabin

They returned to the "same" cabin for a second honeymoon, years later. This photo isn't dated, so I can't tell you when it was taken.

The Honeymoon Cabin Revisited

I suspect it was more recent than this 40th Anniversary celebration.
Beach Party on the 40th
( How  70s  IS  this! ) 

Mom is in the blue shirt, Pop behind her, Sister to the right in red and me on the end in the pigtails.

Sister and I threw a big 50th Anniversary party for them at their Senior Community in Oceanside, CA.

Momma and Papa on their 50th

Mom with her sisters

The Women of the Family r. Me, Sister, Mom's two sisters, my daughter, Mom and Papa's sister

This is the last picture I took of Mom and Dad together, on March, 2002, flanked by two of his windows. He did all of the windows in this church.

We miss you Momma and Daddy, and we're thinking of you.  Sister is out of town and not wired right now, so I'm including her in this thought.

See you tomorrow or ? ? ?



  1. Your mom was movie-star gorgeous and what a huge bridal bouquet! Love the seventies picture of you in pig-tails - too cute! I can tell by your blogs that family is important and I enjoy reading about them.

    Am currently in Kentucky heading up I-75 bound for South Dakota! I will post a blog about it when we settle in somewhere.

  2. Thank you sister for doing this. I have her very simple, but lovely dress in the "hope chest" at the Mountain House. I don't know what happened to the veil. Becky had wanted to get married this weekend to their grandson Brett, but it will be in October instead. I hope they have 50-65 years of happiness like Brett's grandma and grandpa did.

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