Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pausing . . .

I've used too much of my Internet quota for August, so don't have enough left for blogging. See you after September 1.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Me from A to Z"

I was browsing through various blogs one day when I came upon this little exercise wherein the blogger tells tidbits about one's self alphabetically. It was titled differently by different bloggers and I apologize for forgetting the name of the blogger whose title I ripped off. Answers were varied, both as to style and content, and illuminating.

I copied the questions, not intending to answer them, but got seduced into asking myself, What would I answer if I answered? and there I was, filling it out. I didn't do it in one sitting. Waiting for inspiration, don't ya know. So in the great universe of blog topics, here it is. Other bloggers, feel free to try it out if you're so inclined.

Age: 74
Bed Size: Queen (one side for cats, the other for me)
Chore You Hate: Anything the word "chore" applies to?
Dogs: Had one once and he was nice and took care of my kids and me after daddy/husband died. If they weren't always biting me and didn't have an odor that gags me, things might have been different.
Essential Start of Your Day: Excedrin
Favorite Color: I'm wishy washy on this. It just keeps changing. This year I like coral.
Gold or Silver: Give me a nice gift certificate for
Height: Tallish but shrinking
Instrument You Play(ed): Guitar. First I wanted to be a Singing Cowboy but graduated to Traditional Jazz.
Job Title: Retired.  Please remember that, people, when you think I might need something to keep me busy.
Kids: Daughter. Son. Step-daughter. Two step-sons. Twelve grandkids, two greats, distributed among the various kids and steps.
Live: Yes I am or I wouldn't be writing this.
Mom’s Name: Mom (I'm not saying anything here that an identity thief can use to bust my passwords!)
Nicknames: Lee, Le, LeeLo, LeeLee. I have a mispronounced, misremembered, misspelled first name. The name was given to a soap opera infant in recent years, and I thought, finally, the name will become known, but they killed off the baby. Sigh.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Let's see: two babies and several female procedures of one sort or another, 6 or 7 perhaps?
Pet Peeve: Smoking in cars with young ones; tossing litter out the car window.
Quote from a Movie: What sticks more in my mind is a quote from the book-based-on-the-movie "King Solomon's Mines" (1950 version, starring Stewart Granger & Deborah Kerr), "Alan gathered her close, his embrace as strong as a riptide..." about the most titillating thing I'd seen or read in my young life. That glorious scene always seems to be cut out of the movie when shown on TV. It did not appear in the original (1885) novel by Sir H Rider Haggard.
Quote from a Commercial (I added this category): "Well played, Naomi Price!"
Right-handed or Left: Right
Siblings: Sister
Time You Wake Up: Seven most days. Actually getting up depends.
Underwear: MUST NOT RIDE UP!
Veggie You Dislike: All the popular ones: eggplant, artichoke, avocado, not to mention the unpopular lima beans
What Makes You Run Late: Believing that if I set an alarm to go off 15 minutes before I'm supposed to be someplace 15 minutes away, I will be able to pee, find my purse, find my keys and find my notebook (or whatever) and still make it on time.
X-rays: Yes, lots, I think. I can't remember any more.
Yummy Food You Make: I suppose spaghetti sauce, if I have to cook.
Zoo Animal You Like Best: Giraffes are very cool but I like better to see them loping across the savanna, or wherever it is that they live free.

Well, there you have it.

See you soon.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Your payment is overdue" & other annoyances

Happy Tuesday!

Click photos to enlarge,

I receive not one, but two, of these emails from Ford Credit. Mind you, I just got a letter in the mail informing me that my FINAL PAYMENT of 48 on this car will be AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTED on my next payment date, September 1. All my payments have been automatic.

How, I ask, can an automatic payment be late?  I know I'm not late but what kind of #@!? $&% will I have to go through to straighten this out?  And did they report me late to a credit bureau? You see their suggestion for remedy: go to Account Manager online and sort it out.

Ford is one of my "Pay Bills" Favorites, so I headed straight for the website. I clicked and couldn't connect ...  even with repeated tries. My Failed Connection software said the receiving server was refusing my call, so to speak.  Rats. My least favorite thing in the world is to make phone calls about things like this.

Time passed. I was still being denied access to the website. So I called a phone number that my original Final Payment letter provided. (Notice that in my original Payment Due notice, no phone number is provided.)  Whatdaya know. There was only one message on the phone line; it played automatically: If you received a payment reminder email today, it was sent in error and you should disregard it.

Hahahahahahahaha!  They're not picking on me. Obviously, their website got swamped with puzzled and/or irate customers trying to access Account Manager, which accounts for why they weren't letting me get through to them. When I finally was able to get onto the website, here was the message:

Alls-I-have-to-say is:

I did get two followup emails from Ford, with identical content, but the latest one let the graphics through, as they were unavailable earlier.

That's not my only annoyance this week.  (Whine whine whine.)

I read a great review about how Outlook could simplify my email life. I'd never particularly thought I needed it ... it's way more business-oriented than a retiree needs. But simplify my email life?  Wow! And I'd read good reviews about Office 2010. I received an offer for Office 2010 that includes Outlook, so I thought, what the heck. I spent all day yesterday installing it and migrating data (emails and contacts) from Windows Live Mail. The instructions that portrayed this as simple were either incomplete, or it just wasn't that simple.

It's all migrated now, by hook or by crook, not easily, and I'm wrestling with the restrictions placed on me by the software, "for my own safety." I'm trying to assert my control over the beast and not let it do the other way around. The most annoying thing I'm unable do is click on an email link to a website. A big error message pops with a dull clunk sound, telling me I no-can-do. Again, there are workarounds to get where I want to go, but what a pain in the patooty. I want to go to dangerous websites like My Mother Lode dot com for my twice daily local news updates, or to the Sacramento Bee for some hot story. I'd started receiving this error message fairly recently, before I upgraded to Office 2010, and am not sure of the circumstances under which I was being blocked. I think it may have been happening when using Word 2007. I don't know if it always blocked me, or whether it's some  recent security update that did it.

Just one more little gripe. I'm griped by people who are supposed to call me back on Monday and on Tuesday and they don't. I've waited around here for two days for the calls. So Chloe will remain one more night in the hospital, because by the time I called down there this afternoon to find out whether she's ready to be released (she is), I'd filled my car up with recycles that have to be dropped off before I can get her carrier in the car, and the recycle center was already closed. Cell phones were once the answer to this problem, but now that we can't use them in a car, we're back in the old days again.

Here are pictures of relaxed cats:

Jean-Luc all stretched out

All curled up.  They do have two nests side-by-side,
so they don't need to crowd if they don't want to.

See you soon.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

75th Anniversary

Seventy-five years ago today, Momma and Papa got married in Pasadena, California. Pop was a stained glass artist and Mom was a social worker until my birth ten months later. They celebrated their 67th anniversary before Papa passed away at 94. Momma died three years ago at 95-and-a-half, as she made sure to point out. Here are the bride and groom those many years ago:

The Bride and Groom

Mom's younger sister was her maid of honor:

Maid of Honor and the Bride

Here is her formal bridal picture:

The Bride

They honeymooned in Blue Jay, San Bernardino County, California.

The Honeymoon Cabin

They returned to the "same" cabin for a second honeymoon, years later. This photo isn't dated, so I can't tell you when it was taken.

The Honeymoon Cabin Revisited

I suspect it was more recent than this 40th Anniversary celebration.
Beach Party on the 40th
( How  70s  IS  this! ) 

Mom is in the blue shirt, Pop behind her, Sister to the right in red and me on the end in the pigtails.

Sister and I threw a big 50th Anniversary party for them at their Senior Community in Oceanside, CA.

Momma and Papa on their 50th

Mom with her sisters

The Women of the Family r. Me, Sister, Mom's two sisters, my daughter, Mom and Papa's sister

This is the last picture I took of Mom and Dad together, on March, 2002, flanked by two of his windows. He did all of the windows in this church.

We miss you Momma and Daddy, and we're thinking of you.  Sister is out of town and not wired right now, so I'm including her in this thought.

See you tomorrow or ? ? ?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Mugging for the Camera

"Falling was your body's weird way of making you REST!" So said Delana, commenting on my falling on my face. I slacked off on blogging for a couple of days, but that's about it. When I got up Tuesday morning, before I took my dive, my Chloe kitty did not seem to be doing well. She'd started sneezing a day or two earlier and although alert, she was hunkered down on the window seat, not eating, not drinking, beginning to look dehydrated again. I'd planned to take her in to the vet or get Sister to help me give her some subcutaneous fluid. All of that fell aside, what with tending to my little mishap.

By Wednesday morning, Chloe snuffled and snorted with nasal congestion and, although she looked like she wanted to eat, she wouldn't or couldn't. Brother-in-Law and I dropped her off at the vet on our way to assist in the Excel class, while Sister headed back to the big city for a doctor's appointment. In a weird coincidence, the teacher of the class had fallen on her left check the previous weekend and had a mirrored pattern of bruises, although more faded.

I dropped by later to see what was happening with Chloe. She has an upper respiratory infection and needs some aggressive treatment to get her back to health and onto a treatment for hyperthyroid. If she were two or three years older, I might just keep her comfortable, but as weak as she was, she fought like a tiger when I put her in her carrier, so the spirit is there. I can't just let her waste away on the window seat. So she went to the vet hospital for a few days.

My Wednesday still wasn't over until I got my nails and grocery shopping done.

Thursday is NeedleCrafts and we had a new combination of eight people. There were some nice projects underway and finished. Sigh.  No pictures. I think my good camera can be repaired. It still takes pictures, despite the broken LCD. I just can't aim them (can't see beans through the viewfinder) or see whether I like what I took. The scuffs on the case can be its battle scars.

I called down to the vet hospital late in the morning as instructed for a Chloe update. Word from the back room was that the vet wanted to talk to me. He'd call back.

Uh oh!

No call back by lunch time. Our senior lunch was big enough to provide me with 2½ meals. (Well, someone gave me their pineapple-cottage cheese.)

My "sewing project" was to "declutter" a box I couldn't lift, labeled "2008 coffee table contents." It truly pained me to toss beautiful unread issues of Cat Fancy and France magazines onto the recycle pile, same for CatWatch and Catnip newsletters which I've been saving forever, and many others.

I'm not ready to part with newsletters I wrote back in the mimeograph days. (If I dig deeper will I find earlier Ditto editions? Anybody else out there remember Ditto machines and the intoxicating toxic fumes that rose from the freshly-printed damp paper?) These only take up one thick notebook.

I went through folders I'd set up to collect writing ideas. Judging by the opinion articles from the Vietnam war era, I've had it quite awhile. There were political cartoons that could well be recycled now. And autobiographical stuff written close in time to events which fade in my recollections. I tossed some, saved others for closer review. If any of you wanted those Vietnam articles, I tossed them. I have no plans to write about the era.

It's a declutter start!

I went home and I still didn't hear from the vet. I was bawling my head off, trying to figure out who could drive me down to the vet hospital if my kitty had to be put to sleep, since I would need to be with her, someone who could handle me in complete meltdown.

But finally he called, at the end of the afternoon. It was not the dire news I'd feared. He's very cautious in what he says, but there's modest optimism with the treatments and feeding. He called again today and she is much the same. I prefer she spend the weekend in the hospital rather than risk a relapse at home over a weekend.

(Why do we or our pets get sick on weekends?)

I'm not completely without photos, having some pics of Henley and Jean-Luc taken just before my camera got blitzed.

Here, Henley helps me with the laundry. I toss laundered cleaning rags on the chair preparatory to folding them. Henley immediately jumps into them, defying me and my attempts to fold.

Next day, Jean-Luc unfolds them by scrambling into the bucket as Angie makes her cleaning rounds.

And I do have a Web cam on my computer and I couldn't resist mugging for it with my colorful eye. It looks like I'm wearing clown makeup.

Row 1 was taken Tuesday evening, the first night.
Row 2 was taken Wednesday evening. That's the hat I wore when I was out all day Wednesday and Thursday.
Row 3 is from this afternoon, day four. I suddenly noticed my shoulder is bruised, too.

It doesn't look like it's getting much better, does it?

Today I did relax some. I have to say, the two-star Tuesday Sudoku is way too hard for a two-star and Wednesday's crossword was written by someone whose interests must not intersect mine at any point.

See you soonish.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Falling on My Face . . . August 16

I have another one of those busy weeks in store. At least that was the plan.

Monday Deck Guy returned to start the staining. Angie came to clean. I worked on the Soroptimist newsletter until about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning and "put it to bed," ready to go to a proofreader.

Deck Guy finishing front deck
This morning, Tuesday, once the sun came up again, Deck Guy was due back for a relatively short session to finish up. Heater/AC Guy was due to check and service my A/C (that's air conditioner, not aircraft in case any of you pilots are reading this). Happily, this was an already-paid-for part of a yearly contract.

In the home stretch

I had to leave the house by 10:30 to pick up sister, who would hang out during a brief Soroptimist committee meeting, then go to the luncheon and business meeting with me. (Sister is a good candidate to join one day, after she moves up to the mountains.)

We'd have an afternoon break, then pick up Brother-in-Law to go to the computer club summer BBQ for dinner. I'm the moneybags for that organization, so have been collecting the token member contribution for this dues-subsidized event. (Email newsletters have become a great money-saving boon for organizations.)

Wednesday I'm helping out in a beginner-beginner class on MS Excel that's being offered at The Little House (senior/community center). BIL will also assist, as Sister has to head back to the city for a doctor's appointment . . . followed by a nail appointment. I need the nails strong but not long or I snag the wrong computer keys.

Thursday will be "Thursday Out" for NeedleCrafts, then let's hope it's implementation time for DeCluttering Fast on Friday and the weekend.


Only there was a slight slip twixt cup and lip, if I remember that old saying correctly. Today, Deck Guy came, AC Guy came and went, Deck Guy went, payment in hand, and I left to pick up Sister.

We parked midway between the post office and the meeting venues. We were early enough to walk up to check our mail and inquire about packages we each should have received, but hadn't. Then we headed for the committee meeting at the Tea Shoppe. We were striding along the sidewalk, me pondering that no one else was on the street so we must be running late. I was looking ahead, thinking around the corner, through the patio, into the shoppe, closed today except for our committee meeting. As we narrowed the gap, I could see the gate was open and, with my next step, my toe ticked something imperceptible and I fought the inevitable fall by trying to outrun it. (Sister said she tried to grab me and just I flew away from her grasp.) I hoped to catch one of the supports for the porch over the sidewalk but hurtled on by. Even recently I'd said that when I fall, I've been very fortunate to manage to do a tuck-and-roll, which avoids my landing on my face or head. Knock on wood. My biggest dread is tearing a hole in the knee(s) of my pants. (Skinned knees heal, pants don't.)

For the first time in recent memory, I heard and felt the crunch of cheekbone on pavement, along with an abrasive grinding at a knee. (Damn. There go the Not-Your-Daughter's-Jeans. You NYDJ-wearers know they ain't cheap!)

I don't get up immediately when I fall, which happens enough to phrase this as habitual, resisting the embarrassment that makes you want to spring up and brush yourself off and go about your business.

Immediately there were people hovering over me, many Soroptimists from the meeting, a voice calling out should I call 9-1-1? and and me saying I don't think so and asking Sister-nurse whether she concurs.

Here I am, conspicuously lying at the edge of a state highway which squeezes through our small town on the way to Yosemite at 11 a.m. on a Summer's day. Soroptimists shaded me, firemen/EMTs eventually sat me up to lean on that post I'd missed when I'd tried to grab it. Was poked and prodded in places that might be injured, then after agreeing to go to the local clinic to get my bleeding eyebrow taken care of, declined an ambulance to the hospital down the hill. As a final flourish in proving I was oriented to time and place, I dated my "decline" with a flourish. I have too many things to do today.

Sister fetched my car and took me to the clinic. My doctor was backed up but the Physician's Assistant could see me right away. We got back to the Soroptimist luncheon meeting at the hotel in time to get the last of the buffet lunch, the entire meeting, and applause for showing up.

The LCD display on my Canon G11 camera was a casualty. Sister found the camera at least 10 feet away.

My glasses were akimbo. I bent them back a bit, but not enough to allow each eye to look through the same level in my trifocals. Wobbly world! We have an optician in our little town and after lunch we went to have her do an adjustment. She told me that it's recommended that an eye be dilated and examined after being smacked upside the head, especially since my vision seemed a little fuzzy. Long story short, we ended up going to the ophthalmologist in the little city down the hill.  No injury as a result of the crash but I did get other ophthalmologic results, revealing -- sigh -- the earliest stages of cataracts.

People at the computer club were still mighty fuzzy to my dilated eyes. I relied on those who hadn't paid to deliver their payments to me, since I couldn't read my list. Practically all of them had driven by the mini-drama today, not realizing it was someone they knew.  Actually, in a small town, odds of knowing someone or someone who knows someone who knows are reasonably high. No BBQ pics, given the sad condition of my camera. I'll have to go back to using my little camera until I find out if the big one can be repaired.

Brother-in-Law took these.

Lovely, huh?

I can tell you by how I feel tonight that I'll be pretty darned sore tomorrow. And I've already tried on a couple of hats to see whether I can pull a brim far enough over the injury to keep from scaring Excel students and small children.

I'm worried about Chloe. She hasn't been eating or drinking although she's alert and talks to me with pitiful meows.

(Hand-written the evening of August 16, transcribed August 17.)

See you soonish.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Book Buyers and Kindle

Some people decry the advent of the Kindle and other ebook readers, fearing the end of hard copy publishing, extolling the virtues of the feel, the heft, the smell of a real book.

I love books. My parents took me to the library from the time I started to read and I was one irate little kid that I was only allowed to take out six books per two week borrowing period. I loved books about horses, anything about horses. I wrote my first horse book at 9 (well, only a couple of pages once grandpa typed it single-spaced on yellow onion-skin). I may still have my Black Stallion series stashed somewhere, the real thing, not subsequent dilutions of the brand. My father loved Zane Gray's westerns. Zane Gray lived somewhere in the neighborhood. Or at least he died somewhere nearby a couple of years after I was born. So I read all the Zane Gray westerns I could get my hands on. I think I still own one or two of those.

Zane Gray and Black Stallion
 My girl friend's Mom wrote an actual book, although I think it came out after I left home for college and marriage and all that stuff.

Margaret Pirie's My Love is Fair

Bantam Books' inexpensive paperbacks were invented while I was a little kid and I began to buy books when I got into my teens and got hold of a little money. I wanted to keep the books I loved, not give them back to the library.

They're going into a box for the storage shed.
They're too tattered to give away.
I see a lot of Aldous Huxley in there.

You see my current problem. I want to keep them all. Even now I discover series I love and I want to keep them all. I will keep buying them as long as Lindsey Davis and Colleen McCullough and Steven Saylor and-and-and keep writing them. Where do I put the other non-series books?

Cara Black's Paris murders

Tom Clancy and Sue Grafton

Jean M. Auel

John Maddox Roberts' SPQR series

Oh, see that boxed set of Harry Potter over there on the left?
I've never read them since they're so heavy.
Kept hoping they would come out on Kindle. 

To make room, I've given away several beautiful Time-Life Series that I had to have but never read, having finally confessed to myself that I never would read them. I want to box up The Foods of the World series for my granddaughter, who's going to culinary school.

You may think there's room there for more books.
 But this space is spoken for.

Books I'm reading now. That's the Kindle in the orange case.

Waiting in line on the bedside table

And then there's the overflow box on the bedroom floor.

Oh, yet to be mentioned series. Rosemary Rowe.

A miscellany of  French stuff, not including text books

It's primarily fiction I've shown here. I haven't focused on the nonfiction, since they're non series.

These help keep the cats from locking themselves in the computer room. Some are destined for Friends of the Library, and others are, alas, good only for trash. The concept of throwing a book in the trash where it will mix with garbage and awful stuff just grosses me out. I think I'd rather have a book burning. (Same goes for clothes that are beyond Salvation Army.)

Coffee table books got swept up in a crisis decluttering, along with all the other junk on the coffee table, and put in the handy plastic box.

This is only one attraction of the Kindle. Takes up less space.  Other benefits include ease of reading while eating in a fast food establishment, and being light enough and small enough to hold up above the cat kneading your chest while you're lying in bed reading.

My latest acquisition, a slightly misused ebook, in that I printed it out:

See you tomorrow.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . Bumps in the Road

You can see Chloe looked alert enough after she got back from her haircut on Wednesday. When she emerge from her carrier, Henley came up to touch noses with her, while her nemesis, Jean-Luc, hung back at a distance, hunkered down, his eyes as wide as saucers. What the hell is that? So when Sister asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner with her and Brother-in-Law, it seemed safe to go.

 Picked up Sister & BIL, inspected Wednesday's digging. (Looks disorganized to me.)

Sister had sopas

I had half a compuesta and BIL had a whole compuesta

When I got home, Chloe was scrunched up on the window seat in the computer room, eyelids at half mast, looking like she didn't feel so hot. There were some random kitty barfs around the house.  She refused blandishments of food, sniffing at them, then turning away as if the odor was distasteful, shrinking into her little spot. The long ride with its fright and curvy roads, fasting the night before, anesthesia, intubation, shots, pills, any and all of these things could have left her feeling bad or hurting.

I left food and water for her at bedtime and went to sleep, worried about my kitty.

On Thursday morning, her food and water were untouched and she was missing from her little nest. I couldn't find her and began to fear the worst, but eventually she appeared at the opposite end of the window seat. When she was at the vet for grooming, they said she'd lost 1½ lbs in the last year, and that morning, she felt even scrawnier. I felt she at least needed fluids, and after consultation with Sister-nurse, I called the vet, who did recommend the fluids, appetite stimulants and some medication to deal with hyperthyroidism, which had been revealed in a lab test prompted by her weight loss. I could take her into the satellite clinic in our little town to get the fluids administered.

It was Thursday, as in Thursdays Out/NeedleCrafts ... It's my job to open up, so some phasing of the day was required. I dropped Chloe at the vet a little before 10, and Jennifer the tech infused Chloe while I held her. Vet's orders for the other stuff still hadn't arrived, but I was able to leave Chloe there while I was at NeedleCrafts, knowing that she was in good hands. It was also the day that the deck refinishing would be started. I left a note for Deck Guy with my cell number, and BIL's, in case his visiting truck proved to be in the way.

We had another new lady at NeedleCrafts this week. Sandy is into a myriad of crafts and several of our other ladies already know her. We had eight there, even with three regulars and a couple of occasionals missing. After years of consisting of a very small core of people, small enough that we'd often have to cancel if more than one would be absent, the group is large enough now to continue through our various comings and goings. Nice!

Judith is knitting a pom pom yarn scarf.
Rose's sister is cleaning out the goodies she's made. This lovely doily got a new home,
with extra crochet thread and needles to make a twin or something else.

Barbara is hiding behind the silver-specked black shawl she is knitting.

Except for sewing on the buttons, Paula has finished this toddler's sweater.

After NeedleCrafts I went back to the vet's to pick up Chloe. Jennifer had put food in the cage for Chloe, who hissed at her for her trouble, so Jennifer hadn't attempted to do anything else to my wild cat unassisted. Again I held Chloe while Jennifer pilled her and gave her a shot. Chloe was nicely alert and plumped out some from her infusion. I'd considered and rejected dropping by Sister's so she could get a look at Chloe and I could see the latest installment of bulldozers in action. And then I turned on their street anyway. Chloe was fairly talkative and not in her terrified voice. She made a beeline for the litter box the moment we got home. She was trying to tell me something.

Deck Guy had pressure-washed front and back decks and applied a cleaner that would remove previous color that had gone blotchy. He continued on for the rest of the day, washing off the product. He left it to dry overnight.

I took Chloe into my bedroom where I lay down to read on the bed. That is a Chloe magnet, and she did come up and tromp around on my chest between my face and book, purring. That buoyed me, as did her consumption of some kitty treats, followed up by some of the outside kitties' food, which looks like something different from the regular.

Thursday night was a not quite full moon. My moon chart says tonight's is 100% full, but here's Thursday's moon, fuzzed out by its own brightness. I closed Chloe in my room that night, so I wouldn't have to go looking for her in the morning. During the day she ate a few treats and a small plate of the same food she'd rejected when it was offered by Jennifer.

Today Deck Guy sanded the deck, so it'll be Monday before he puts on the protective coating. I haven't seen what it looks like. It'll be a surprise.

Back deck
Entry part of front deck

By this evening, Chloe's improvement doesn't seem to be lasting. As a precaution against having to haul her off to the way-distant emergency vet on the weekend, I picked up a bag of fluid from the vet so Sister and I can hydrate Chloe if she needs it. This evening she ate some kitten food with great relish, but then upchucked the whole thing. I have to pill this poor kitty twice a day, the kitty who is so terrified of being restrained. My bedtime task.

See you tomorrow, or when I can. I have a newsletter to finish for Soroptimist.