Friday, July 29, 2011

Hills of Lavender

We go to Provence in late June through early July to capture the purple-blue bloom of the fields of lavender. Planted in rows, in large fields and small, it takes some hunting to find the most spectacular views. We take hundreds of photos, trying to catch every angle, shadow, nuance, anomaly; the rocks, the vines, the grapes that live among them; the odd flower or grass.

We were out of the villa and on the road by 8:15 on June 27 in search of the blooming fields. Our three vehicles sped into the hills, following a twisting road to higher elevations. We stop for photos of the countryside.

Telephoto view of village

Sister takes a shot from an overlook.

It looks like that might be a wine co-op down below.

We bump along a couple of dirt roads and arrive at blooming lavender, up hill and down from our parking spot. We all pile out and spread into the fields. I restrain myself to showing a sampling here.

That's Mont Ventoux in the background. You'll see photos from the top later.


This is a nice bouquet, brought to us at the villa by a charming lavender grower.

There'll be more another day. We went out for a sunset lavender shoot several days later.


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