Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dropping back in on the run . . .

You get a brief moment to transition from glorious vacation to everyday life:  you're sitting on the edge of the bed in the middle of that first night and wondering, "which way is the bathroom?"

I did better with finding the bathroom than finding my way home from Sister's. Imagine driving peacefully (well, as peacefully as you can in a long string of cars) along a highway you've traveled hundreds of times. In a small town you come upon a detour sign that sends you to the right for a few blocks, then left along a rural road, and has nothing more to say about it. I have no map, no GPS, no idea where I am. Not seriously lost but definitely misplaced.

It was nice to get an enthusiastic greeting on arrival home from my Chloe, Henley and Jean-Luc, who shadowed me everywhere I went and jumped into my lap whenever it appeared.  Even the outdoor kitties popped up in the window, the two skittish feral kittens getting gangly, Mama Kitty shaggy as she loses her thick winter coat, and Black Kitty his usual amiable self.


With two long trips -- too close together, really -- and the preparation for them, I got home with to-do lists blossoming in my mind.

Mail. First the initial screening of the contents of that bulging bag. Too many catalogs, though some I'll even buy from. Too many newsletters that I subscribe to and set aside to read later. Too many credit card offers, insurance offers, charitable solicitations. Be sure to rescue the real bills. That and catching up on some blogging took up much of the weekend.

Henley welcomes Jean-Luc back from the vet

Meetings, medical tests and appointments (labs and x-rays for me, check-up and shots for Jean-Luc), and lunches out occupied much of that first week home, finishing up with "Surf's Up in the Sierra," a Soroptimist fundraiser. I was assigned to the concession stand, and in my jet-lagged mind, I kept wondering what the heck a concession stand is. It came to sound like a nonsense phrase. Fortunately, when confronted with popcorn and ice cream, I harkened back to Little League and Bobby Sox mom-in-the-snack-booth mode.

Surf's Up in the Sierra

Getting tables moved around

Volleyball challenge

Firemen play girls volleyball team

Volleyball thief!

Serving hamburgers and hotdogs

Setting up the bounce house

Volleyball tot is also little fisherwoman
Bounce house was occupied the entire time

And back with my ladies at NeedleCrafts, where a whole lot of knitting was going on.  You already heard about Stripes' adventure.

On Sunday I went to the little city down the hill to attend an ambitious production of Tracy Letts' "August: Osage County" at Stage 3, an intimate little theatre there. Well-done, intense, and lots of plot twists and turns. Remember how emotionally wrenching movies like "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" or "Night of the Iguana" were? That's the impact, only set in Oklahoma. I believe this was the first small-town production of the play.

You've also heard about my annoying automotive failures on the day with the three doctors' appointments scheduled. If you didn't catch the update in the comments to "Best Laid Plans," a local mechanic made a housecall with three batteries, which cured car and truck quite expeditiously. I love living in a small town.

Today (oh, yes!) a team of three men with ladders, buckets and squeegies hand-washed my windows, screens and sliding-glass doors, inside and out, for the first time in a couple of years. My cleaning ladies give it a try, but they don't do ladders. Not only that, the cleaning company has branched out into deck refinishing and that crew will be back here in a couple of weeks.

And on a personal level, my manicurist is back after baby leave and put my acrylic nails back on. I had a substitute manicurist just before the big trip. She didn't do quite the job Kristina does. (To be fair, that was five weeks ago.) The nails started to loosen a little before the end of the trip and I knocked a couple off handling luggage en route home. By today, at my regularly scheduled appointment with Kristina, I'd knocked off 8½. I was practically helpless and my fingers hurt. So tonight I should be able to get the memory card out of the camera and into the computer.

Tomorrow I get a haircut and go to NeedleCrafts.

What? You expected dégustations, jetliner trips and chateau exploration every day?  Sorry. This is a blog based on daily living.  Although I still have a few untold tales and fresh photos left from the last two trips.

See you tomorrow.



  1. You are the busiest retired person I know and I love it! But I am also in the group that can't wait for more stories about France. How was the French Language class? Did you think it was well worth the time and money?

  2. P.S. All of your cats are lovely, but Chloe is the Marilyn Monroe of the felines. Gorgeous and posing as if she knows it!

  3. You didn't mention that your sister fed you twice in this period of time to be sure you ate properly.

  4. Sister may have fed me even more than twice, or at least assured that I ate. But I'm craving Fritos. Fritos Scoops, no weird seasoning.