Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wrapping the Town in Quilts

There were beaucoup activities in Groveland today, but one that was perhaps most noticeable to the casual passerby would have to have been that the town was "wrapped in quilts." The Pine Needlers' Quilt Stroll was on my calendar, but I neglected to look at it when I went to bed really late last night. It took a comment in Facebook to remind me when I finally connected to the world late this morning.

I arrived in town in the midst of a traffic jam, so went on through to the west end to find parking. Thus I started my stroll from the vantage most people coming into town would be seeing first.

The first venue on the right was Mountain Sage.

This is where the weekly Farmers' Market was also going on. I'm not the only photographer here.

Just a small sample of the market. After all, this blog is about the quilt show.

One of the newest residents in town.  Beautiful.

More quilts in front of Mountain Sage:

Turn around and look across the street at All Seasons Groveland Inn.

Everyone is coming to town for the quilt show!
(Well, truthfully, some of them may be on their way to Yosemite.)
Quilts at the Charlotte Hotel

Closer up of the Charlotte quilts, and
a man who appears headed for the balcony

I nipped into Dori's Tea Cottage for some lunch.

My little table

My Mediterranean Quiche course

Surprise!  Sister-in-Law Tory and niece Jessie nip into the Tea Cottage, too!

I loved this floral wall hanging here beside the little menu on the blackboard. The quilts inside of the tea shop were also part of the show.

The Groveland Hotel, back across the street, is also wrapped in quilts.

The guys aren't left out of this enterprise.

Quilt Stroll Rescue Team
Thank you, Jerry.

There are flowers everywhere in town, but these roses ramble along a fence without  seeming to belong to anyone. They're just putting on a beautiful show for passersby.

Here's a new business in town, in the space formerly occupied by our little quilt store, whose owner has moved to Oregon. We quilters miss Bunny. I poked my head in to see what's happening now. There are gifts and other things that are a little more new age-y than I am, but I couldn't resist a beautiful scarf, and then there was a bracelet that went with it so perfectly. They also offer massages, which I think I must try after I return from my trip.

Mind Body Spirit Connection. And don't miss
Backstreet Books on Back Street behind Mind, etc.
 Honestly, I had to leave out soooo many quilts here. I haven't included the craft and quilting vendors in the park, nor the antique quilts and needlework demonstrations in the Community Hall. I'm not sure how many quilts and vendors there were in total, but this blog page would never load if I put all the beauties in here.

Can't forget to mention that the Flea Market which got rained out last weekend returned to town today in another portion of the park. Warm weather, with occasional overcast and breezes, made it a perfect day.

See you tomorrow.


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