Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . June 9

A laid-back birthday, leaving me with a mellow glow . . . .

My best intentions were to go to a Soroptimist committee meeting first thing this morning, but I must have been in a blogging fog last night, since I didn't fall into bed until 3:45 AM. The alarm at seven just didn't do it. I'm sorry, Soroptimists. I did manage to get up in time to drop off a lab specimen to finish up my physical and to open up for NeedleCrafts.

We had a good group at NeedleCrafts today . . . a lot of knitting going on, with another new member. I thought we totaled nine today, but I somehow lost two others besides myself for this photo. (Or there's the other possibility that I can't count.)

Sister-in-law Tory baked Apricot Bars for my birthday (in the wrapped platter on the table.)

So I took a nap late this afternoon and when I got up, I found so many nice birthday greetings on Facebook, and, from another blogger, on my blog comments. The thing that's making me grin is that they come from so many places around the country and the world. Some people make fun of Facebook, but it's such a great way just to stay in touch with people, to develop closer friendships with casual or lost acquaintances, to get to know new people and just feel like you know what's going on in their lives at some level. There were snail-mail cards from those less-electronically inclined. In fact I mailed out a couple birthday cards myself today. June birthdays rule in my family and I have a cluster of friends who also have June birthdays.

My daughter called me in the morning, her son in the late afternoon (in fact, I think that's what woke me from my nap, but that's okay, Roman) and my son this evening. His son, newly promoted from contract to regular employee at his dream job in San Diego, got an emergency birthday message to me via Facebook Message by 11:30, and my sister and family squeaked in with a barely late electronic card.

My little grey cat jumped into my not-so-great desk-chair lap and cuddled back on my arm baby-style for ages while I read blogs and started on this one. He was being so abnormally sweet!

Thank you one and all for making one of the "boring birthdays" into a fine experience.

See you tomorrow.


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