Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Notes for Thursday

Too much to do, so little time. This evening I ironed for the first time in ages. This evening I've been setting up bill payments for July. Crimeny. The June bills haven't even run their course yet!

Today, being Thursday, was NeedleCrafts at the Little House. We were nine of us for sure this week. I forgot my camera, alas, because Rose brought her entire colorful collection of Sock Club socks. Today was Rose's birthday. Sock Club participants get a new and exotic method of knitting a pair of socks at intervals, two months, I think.

I did take a couple of photos last evening. Tory (sister-in-law) and Brother-in-Law (to keep this straight, this is Sister's husband) and I went out to dinner at the Grill, in the nick of time before my free birthday dessert coupon expired. Sister was stuck in the City for medical appointments. She has inconveniently broken, or cracked, a bone in her leg, but pledges this will not keep her from our trip.

Here is my dessert, the tiramisu. I consumed the whole thing, short of licking the plate.

BIL had this boysenberry cobbler with ice cream. I know from personal experience that these are good, too.

Now I'm going to bed to get a little more sleep tonight than usual. I need to elevate sleeping as a priority.

See you later.


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