Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plan B Already

Before we even get breakfast, we receive this email:

Information regarding your flights / Modifications concernant votre voyage

Attention LEORA MS                    Booking reference : 5D4321

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

We inform you of the schedule change on flight AF083A 23/06 departure SAN FRANCISCO SFO I 1810 arrival PARIS CDG 1335

You have a new connection on flight AF7666 24/06 departure PARIS CDG 2F 1550 arrival MARSEILLE MRS 1715

We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant trip.


In other words, our flight will depart two hours later than originally scheduled and that connection to Marseille has been missed and we are rescheduled on the next flight for that.  My pickup ladies have been advised.  Stand by!

Sigh.  See you later.


1 comment:

  1. Uh-oh. I know it will work out. I'm keeping good thoughts for you until you reach your destination.