Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't Go, Mommy . . .

Cats know when you're going to go off and leave them again. The biggest clue is when you take out the suitcase, which I do a few days before departure. The two boys, Henley and Jean-Luc, shadow me everywhere I go. Jean-Luc will throw himself down on floor and roll over on his back right in front of me, blocking my way, and he's lucky he hasn't been stepped on, especially when he's on the dark rug in the dark hall.

They were oddly missing for a period on the day I buckled down to folding things and putting them in suitcase and carry-on (as opposed to rearranging piles), although I hadn't noticed their absence. I just happened onto them in the actual computer room, two sheepish kitties cowering midst a mess of their making. One of these culprits had managed to knock an old shirt box full of memorabilia from a trip of about 30 years ago off a shelf nearly eight feet high. There were pre-euro coins from Germany, Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia, post cards, brochures, tiny Mexican sombreros (ask how we got those on a ferry from Yugoslavia to Italy), maps, all cascading off my office chair, on the carpet, under the desk.

"BAD CATS!" (Repeat until pickup is completed.) They hung around watching, suitably chastened.

A little later I returned to the bedroom to resume packing. Subdued kitties cuddled together in a kitten nest on the bed, near the clothes awaiting me. Not on the clothes, as would be normal. Two sad-faced kitties.

Sad kitties  :-(

I proceed with packing.  Henley begins to take measures.

Wait a minute, Mommy


I'm not letting you do this.

(Whirling dervish gambit)

Not that one either.

Pack me, too

People ask me why I didn't just stay in France between the May quilters tour and this upcoming tour.

"Because my kitties miss me," I answer.

And I miss them. They'll have caretakers and visitors, but it's not Mommy.

(A month extra stay in France would not have been less expensive than airfare, which seemed to be the concerns of most, but it would avoid the extra flights.)

See you tomorrow, depending on how time zones align.


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  1. How sweet! They always seem to know that the suitcases coming out, means a long absence.