Sunday, May 8, 2011

On the Road

What a beautiful day to start a journey.

After all the preparations, I'm at last on my way to Jeanne Mills' Tour of Southwestern France, Inspiration for Quilters. Jeanne and her assistant left on Thursday for a little pre-trip vacation in Nice. I ran behind at the end; last minute to-dos always take longer than the few minutes it seems like they ought to take. Henley, who's been shadowing my every step for all the days he's been watching me pull the suitcase in and out of the closet, disappeared when I was calling cats together to say goodbye. (Yikes! I'm almost tempted to drive back and check him on him.) I'm spending the first night at Sister's, not much over an hour to the airport by rapid transit, which I'll take tomorrow morning.

While I didn't get away as early as I wanted, I arrived at Sister's just as she got back home after shopping. Good timing. She has beautiful roses in her garden, so she picked some to take to Momma and Poppa's memorial niche for Mother's Day and for what would have been Poppa's 102nd birthday last Friday.

Sister's rose garden

Sister cutting roses

The niche is in a Memorial Wall at the church the folks attended when they lived here.

Entrance to the Memorial Garden

  Sister with the roses beside the niche

And Moi
For many years, there's been a hospital construction zone en route to Sister's house. Today I finally noticed a big building in place of the construction zone. Sister took me by the brand new expansion of the John Muir Medical Center, which is complete with beautiful vistas and beautiful art work in its public areas.

Outdoor sculpture, "Mountain Range," representing
the circle of mountains surrounding the valley

The façade of the building reflects the blue blue sky.

A waiting area

The Rotunda

View up through the Rotunda
One of the art pieces

View out front entrance

Then for a little kitty love, here's Lola.

See you when I find Internet again.