Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Home, I'm Yawning . . .

I'm home. It's quarter to midnight Wednesday here, quarter to nine Thursday morning in Paris. I'm sleepy. I spent last night at Sister's, a stop-over after my flight, but my internal clock is not completely reset. I still have photos to share and stories to tell about this trip to France. I guess I can't fool you that I'm still there since I've now confessed my arrival home.

Just a couple of photos from our final day there when I visited Galleries Lafayette and Printemps with Marsha. She did a little shopping, but mainly wanted to see the spectacular dome in Galleries Lafayette and its views of Paris from the rooftop. Actually, I like the view a little better from Printemps, even though it's only a couple of blocks away.

The stained glass dome at Galleries Lafayette
Double-click to get a better view of its colors.

Guessing that this is where the "galleries" in Galleries Lafayette came from

Sacre Coeur, a peek from a safe spot
(nowhere near any edges of panoramic rooftops)
 I'll see you when I reach an improved level of consciousness. ;-)



  1. Glad you are home safe and had a good trip. If I don't hear from you for a couple of days, I'll know that you are just recovering from jet lag - it always catches up with me when I get back home.

  2. I try to convince myself that the trip is only three hours long, since we only arrive three hours "later" than we left. ;-)
    I think of it as getting one day twice. There is a slight pitfall to this mental trick. I believe a night is lost somewhere in the trickery.