Saturday, May 28, 2011

If Only I Would Finish Unpacking . . .


I feel a bit like this firework after I get home from a trip, facing all the things I need or want to do.
Wake up with a burst of energy, all these tracks to follow, each ending up with little cinders drifting to earth.

Busy, busy. Where's my list?

•   Josie is here feeding cats and kittens when I arrive home on Wednesday. She's seen the three feral kittens from time to time, how cute they are.

I don't see them until Thursday, sleeping in a little huddle.  By Friday, I realize there are only two kittens. I hope someone, besides a dog or wild animal, has adopted the missing little black one.

•   Thursdays Out. I'm back with my NeedleCrafts ladies, eight of them this week, the full complement returned from parts . . . Ursula still rags on me when I bring the big bag of mail I collected from the post office to sort, instead of a sewing project. Tory gets a flex schedule at work, so can include some time with us on Thursdays.

Lots of excellent knitting going on but the paper shuffler doesn't stop to take photos.

•   Sister retired last week. Thursday evening she and Brother-in-Law arrive at their Mountain House to plunge into the process of moving up here and preparing their Bay Area house for sale. BIL is in pursuit of garage space for their numerous cars. (Read: Morgan enthusiasts)

We overfeed ourselves at the Mexican restaurant. (Why don't you order half a compuesta? It's only two dollars more for the whole compuesta. You shoulda had the half.)

•   I invite myself along, then have to cancel, on a trip to the city down the hill on Friday. I need kitty litter and a new watchband. (Hope I can find one for my ancient beloved Timex Indiglo. Does Spiedel still make twisty flexy watchbands?)

Oh, yes, and I 'd originally forgotten my nail appointment. Last one before my manicurist's baby break.

•   Donald Trump is not running for President. Check off one more thing not to have to worry about. I missed that announcement while in France.

This photo of Ray Suarez on the PBS news has nothing to do
with Donald Trump. The picture of serious Ray in his black suit
with a floppy pad in hand just gave me a giggle.

•   Sister and BIL arrive at my house Friday evening bearing kitty litter, after a series of text messages midday to establish the proper brand and quantity. They'd also been shopping for new appliances for the Mountain House.

•   Chloe The Calico Cat, who won't let anyone hold her, has horrible mats in her long fur. I'm covered in the fine, cobwebby hair as in approximate one-minute intervals, she lets me pull pieces gently apart from these masses. It's that, or drive her down the hill to be anesthetized and shaved at the vet's and that's so stressful for her.

•   "Followers" disappear from the right margin of my blog. Just a big blank space where their little pictures should appear.  Is it me or is it Blogger?  Incredible amounts of time and effort can be expended chasing these problems. You just can't anticipate whether effort helps or whether the stupid thing will get resolved without your help if you just wait and see.

I turn on four (count 'em) computers to test this situation. Followers return, but not to all computers at once. (Why?)

I think I only really care because I make PDF files of my blog entries as a way to preserve them, and I was working on that, and I didn't like the stupid blank space on these copies-for-posterity.

(Alas, I don't see them again. Do you?)

•  Blogs. I'm making lists of trip things I want to cover before I wrap that up, one with some serious advice for travelers.

•   Last night for the first night since I got Jean-Luc, I did not shut him and Henley up in the kitten room. JL's interactions with Chloe seem a little less hostile after their long forced togetherness during my trip. (Without me as their I-wanna-be-near magnet, I assume they separate themselves.) "The boys" cuddle up to me most of the night and Chloe is a bit grumpy this a.m. without her solo time with "Mom."  Things would be better if . . .

Henley and Jean-Luc

But I'll continue with the experiment.

•   I go to the Saturday Farmers' Market at Mountain Sage in beautiful downtown Groveland, California, mostly to get photos of Terri's seaweed creations that I didn't take on Thursday when she had them at NeedleCrafts.

Mountain Sage

See Terri shiver. Except when standing in the full sun,
it's very brisk out there. The possibility of showers has been mentioned.
Here are her seaweed creations. Click to enlarge and see detail.

I acquire a lifetime supply of tomatoes, and Mixed Nut Brittle.

The town is bustling with holiday traffic.

Firemen going grocery shopping, ready to answer any calls for service

Cars coming and going

The little gift shop in the market parking lot

•   One little kitten on the deck ventures out toward the driveway. It's mommy is not here. I stick my head out the door and ask sternly, "Where's your Mommy?" It skedaddles back to its kitten hideout.

•   As for unpacking, well, dirty laundry has gone through the washing machine; chargers for cell phone and camera are deployed; but much should be able to stay in the suitcase for the next trip, which will be here before . . . I finish all those things I've started.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Your cats look so sweet curled up together. If only mine could get along with the dog! Oh well.

    Reading about your disappearing followers - including me - made me think of Harry Potter and the people in the pictures who disappear from time to time. "You can't expect them to hang around all day, now can you!"

  2. Oh, so that's what happened to them. I think you're right. I think there's nothing you/I/any blogger did or can do. The lost items reveal themselves when they're good and ready to do so.

  3. Added a shortcut to your blog on my laptop and caught up. Adorable babies- all of them. Sister